Quick Ways to Get Gold And Elixir (Secret) Clash Of Clans

Quick Ways to Get Gold And Elixir Clash Of Clans – Now to get Gold and Elixir is not as difficult as it used to be because now you can very easily get gold and elixir in COC easily even a day the storage of gold and elixir can be full quickly, here are the secrets you should know.

If your Townall is still small, Gold and Elixir are very mandatory because they will help speed up the development of villages so you can very quickly build villages and raise village levels.

Even if you are late in construction, for example 1 hour it can be a very long time because 1 hour is enough to build a village and speed up other buildings, for those who have reached the highest level in COC maybe this method is useless, for example the townhall which have reached the league of legends they automatically always get it easily because they are not looking for gold but Trophy.

Many of us ignore the small things in coc even though it can be beneficial for us if they know one of them is in cooking, cooking too long and even consuming a lot of elixir can be detrimental for example if we attack the loot we get is not worth the price the elixir that we used to cook the troops, which must have been a huge loss.

Now you have to know the secrets of today’s to be able to beat your friends in building a village by quickly getting gold and elixir, even dark elixir even you can get it quickly by using this method in order to increase the level of the Hero you have.

Here’s the secret to getting gold and elixir very easily that must be followed in order to quickly build a village.

Quick Ways to Get Gold And Elixir Clash Of Clans

Survive in League Gold

How To Get Gold And Elixir COC Fast

Many of us don’t know little things like this, because in the gold league there are many inactive players, this is one of the advantages for us to reap wealth in the league, the important thing is that you are in league gold, regardless of the level there you will be able to get gold and elixir in a very fast way.

and the things that don’t matter are chasing the trophy this is highly not recommended for TH that is still developing, for example 9-10 because you will not be able to reach the league of legends and even waste time and slow down village development, there you will not be able to get gold and elixir for sure we will run out of gold and Elixir will be poor, it doesn’t need to be far away, maybe in the Champions League, we are already poor.

It’s better to build a village first until you reach the new max level, you can compete for it Gems in Top Playr.

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Use Barbarian and Arcer

How To Get Gold And Elixir COC Fast

To speed up gold and elixir income, you also have to cook troops for a short time, like this barcer, a cooker that doesn’t take long to seize your opponent’s village quickly by making a profit.

By using barbarian and arcer you can get a very large profit, because the price of cooking is very little in a fast time if you attack the opponent’s village with an elixir of only 100 thousand you have already benefited, and in just a day you play using a barcer in league gold for sure storage gold and elixir you will be full quickly.

That way you will quickly build village levels quickly, and some income in league gold with close time and a fairly large income.

How To Get Gold And Elixir COC Fast

Only using a barcer you can get riches in league gold very quickly, which is very easy to make wealth in league gold quickly in just one day your gold storage will be full, to win or lose we don’t have a problem because what we are looking for is Gold and Elixir.

How are you friends? if you are curious, lower your trophy now to league gold so you can get riches in that league.

That is how it is Quick Ways to Get Gold And Elixir Clash Of Clans that way you can quickly build a village and be able to compete for gams in Top Player.