Quizizz.com Game: Here’s How To Use It

Portalsitaro.com – To get rid of boredom when teaching and learning activities take place, sometimes giving quizzes to students is quite an effective thing to get rid of it.

Moreover, the quizzes that we provide are online quizzes where we know that today’s children love to use cellphones as a medium for getting entertainment.

If you use the application, it seems less convenient to do. Because they need to download the application first. Therefore, we will provide a quiz site recommendation that you can use to do this.

The site we mean is quizizz com. One of the learning websites that offers quiz services for students in class.

So, what is the Quizizz game? How to use it? To find out complete information about this my Quizizz. Below we will provide the full details. Please read this article to the end to find out.

What is Quizizz Game

Quizizz is a website that provides education-based quiz services for teachers and students in the classroom. We can join and play a quiz through the Quizizz.com site to join this game.

There are various kinds of menus on this Quizizz site, both menus and menus classroom (class), menu student (student), and menu admin (for teachers).

Well, below we will provide guidance on how to log in or create an account, create quizzes, create questions, and give questions to students. Here’s the complete information!

How to create an account on Quizizz.com

Here are the steps in creating an account in the Quizizz com game. Please follow the method below.

  • First, please visit the site www.quizizz.com
  • Next, click ‘Sign Up’. Please login and create an account using an active email account.
  • After successfully logging in, please click the option ‘a teacher’
  • Then, fill country (country), Zip or Portal Code (Postal code), organization name (school).
  • Next step click select organization and continue.
  • Done

By filling in the data above, you have successfully created a Quizizz account. Here’s how to create questions for students on Quizizz.com.

How to make questions in My Quizizz for students

After successfully creating an account, next you can create questions for the students you are capable of. The trick is:

  1. Please click the ‘open quiz creator’ option.
  2. Then fill in the displayed data.
  3. Information: enter quiz name (name of the quiz to be made), english (language used), add quiz image (pictures for quizzes, may be filled in, may not) , and checklist (tick) options align quiz to start standards.
  4. If you have, click save (save).
  5. At this stage, the teacher only needs to make questions for the students. Click create new to start making questions.
  6. There will be several fields that the teacher needs to fill in.
  7. In the upper right corner there will be 2 options, namely ‘Single answer’ for questions with 1 answer, and ‘Multy select’ for questions with more than one correct answer.
  8. To write questions, please write in write your questions here (write your question here). Well, for options answer options 1, 2, 3, 4. Please fill in the available answer options.
  9. If the teacher makes a mistake in writing the answer in this multiple choice question, please tap the ‘trash can’ icon. For the correct answer, click checklist on the left of the answer until it is green.
  10. To add answer options, please click add answer options.
  11. To set the answer time, please see the bottom with the words ‘second’. Set how long students are allowed to answer.
  12. When all is done, click save to save questions.
  13. At this stage the teacher can make as many questions as he wants. If you have, click finish.
  14. Don’t forget to fill in grade (student class,) and choose relevance subjectc (the theme of the quiz created). Done

How to Send Quizizz Site Questions to Students

After the questions are successfully created, the next step is to just give the questions from the quiz to students. Here are the steps:

  • In the ‘Host a game’ section, please click ‘live game’.
  • On the menu Question settingsplease change to green color except the login section icon.
  • On Game Settingsplease change to green all the icons.
  • If all the settings have been well organized, then click ‘Proceed’ to end this session. Questions are ready to be sent to students.
  • Finally, please encourage students to type ‘join.quizizz.com’ or ‘quizizz join classroom’ on their Android phone or iPhone.

How Students Join Quizizz Com Quiz

For students who are intended to take online quizzes on this quizizz.com game site. Please follow these steps:

  • Please copy and paste the link join.quizizz.com. then click the ‘Join’ icon (a circle icon with an additional + character).
  • Then, ask students to enter the game code in the ‘game code’ field.
  • Don’t forget to enter the student’s name.
  • If so, then the student is officially registered and will be visible on the teacher’s PC\laptop dashboard.
  • When all students have entered and joined the quiz. Please click ‘Start’ to start the quiz. Done

Thus complete information related to the Quizizz.com game site. Whether it’s how to use such as creating an account, creating questions, giving questions, and so on.

We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for you. Moreover, for teachers who want to make online quizzes for students through this Quizizz website. That’s all and please try.