Quota Still There But Can’t Internet 3? This is the solution

Portalsitaro.com – Not a few users of the Tri provider card have problems not being able to surf the internet package that they bought. In fact, the quota he has is still there and there are many.

The occurrence of quotas still exists but can’t surf, of course it really disturbs the activities of its users. The reason is, the existence of the internet makes a person able to do work online, study online, stream, browse and others.

Therefore, below we will provide information on how to overcome the local quota 3 is still there but can’t surf. In addition, we will also share what factors can cause this to happen. For more details, please check below.

Why Quota Still There But Can’t Internet

There are several things that cause Tri’s quota cannot be made internet. Both internal factors from the Tri network itself or other problems from the Android cellphone or iPhone that the user uses.

The internet factors that cannot be used on these 3 providers are as follows:

1. The network is having problems

Network problems are a common problem for various cellular operators, both Telkomsel, XL, Indosat and even Tri Indonesia.

Even though there is still a lot of quota, but the Tri network is having problems, so internet activities will be hampered.

Network problems can be due to various reasons, including bad weather, unsupported location, or moderate Tri system maintenance. So, this factor is often a barrier to your internet activity.

2. Wrong Purchase of Packages

The second factor is that the customer chooses the wrong package. This often happens to older people who often buy cheap packages with large quotas.

He does not know whether this quota can be used for 24 hours or only at certain times. so that the quota event still exists but can’t surf this 3 card, it happens to him.

3. Tri Card Not Upgraded

Many new Tri card users only use it without seeing whether the card they use is 4G or not. In fact, many Tri Indonesia internet packages limit access to the 4G network only.

4. Limited internet coverage

The thing that makes the Tri card unable to surf even though the quota is still there is that you are in an area that lacks a less capable signal. So, even though it has a large quota, even gigabytes, it can’t be used.

5. Wrong Choose Data Card

For Tri users who have two or more, one of them is used to lure cheap internet packages, such as 25Gb 25 thousand. Julybe often replace the SIM card in his cellphone.

Unknowingly there is usually a swap between each of these cards. So that the actual card does not have a quota, he thinks there is. Vice versa.

Quota Solution Still Exists But Can’t Internet 3

After knowing the series of problems that cause the tri quota to still exist but cannot be used on the internet above, we will try to provide information on how to solve it. The method:

  • First, please check the quota on the Trimu card whether it really still exists or not. Next, see when the quota is used, whether it can be used for 24 hours or only at certain times.
  • Then, also make sure that the internet quota you buy matches the Trimu internet network. Because you can buy a 4G quota while your Android phone network is still 3G.
  • Also make sure you don’t choose the wrong data card. Because this is most likely what makes the internet impossible to do.
  • If the network is having problems due to natural factors, such as heavy rain or strong winds, please wait until the weather improves.
  • If the network is problematic because of the system again maintenancethen please wait until the system returns to normal again.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the quota that is still available but can’t surf 3. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for Tri Indonesia card customers.

Now you know the reason or cause why the quota is there but you can’t make internet access. So, please follow what we suggest above to get the solution. That’s it and good luck.