Reapply youtube monetization 2022

Reapply youtube monetization 2022 and Causes of failed youtube monetization.

Mometization is registering our channel so that we can have ads that appear in our videos. By registering with google adsense

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There are several factors why we are rejected when applying for monetization on our youtube channel.

1. Reaploud content is usually content that is reloaded cannot monetize its YouTube channel, one of which is short videos from Tik Tok or from other applications that are not our own videos.

2. Copyrighted songs. Well, usually what happens is that you have violated copyright content, so the channel cannot be monetized.

Julybe some of the above are the main factors why our channel is not approved for monetization.

My suggestion is, if you really want your channel to be monetized properly, try to make your own videos. That’s the most important thing when you want our videos to be monetized by YouTube.

So what if you fail to apply for YouTube monetization?

Indeed, failure makes us disappointed but usually when we fail to monetize our channel there will usually be info in the monetization tab section.

There will be explained if there is a video that violates the community guidelines or reloads.

So, if you have checked and think that someone has violated it, it’s better to delete it, friend, even though there are a lot of views.

If it is not deleted then we will not be able to monetize if one of our videos violates the policy.

So, my suggestion is that if a video is detected as violating, it’s better to delete it, bro, so that you can re-register again for monetization.

How long does it take to reapply monetization on the youtube channel?

Usually YouTube will provide a date and month where you can re-register to apply for monetization on YouTube.

And make sure you have fixed your channel so that it is quickly accepted on google adsense.

Usually the longest review is about a month, friend, and there are also those who review it for only 3 days, YouTube can accept it.

Usually it depends on fate, bro. For friends who are just building a YouTube channel, don’t despair, friend.

Keep the spirit of diligently uploading videos so that the videos can be monetized quickly.

What are the requirements to apply for monetization?

Julybe it’s not foreign, friend, many have discussed the requirements for submitting monetization, which is having 1000 subscribers and having 4000 hours of watch time, friend.

Of course, so that everything is quickly caught up, the most important thing is to create one content or you can say focus on one content only.

So that your video can be easily recommended by YouTube, usually if the content is mixed it will take a long time, friend.

My suggestion is to focus on one content, then be diligent in uploading videos, at least one day.

Then diligently comment on each other’s channel so that you can get a lot of views.

Diligently share on your social media so that you can quickly monetize and have a producer from your content.

Those are the tips for resubmitting youtube monetization so that it is accepted, hopefully it will be useful and thank you