Remove Indihome Ads on Windows

Did you know that Indihome injects various websites to display certain ads? Julybe for some Indihome customers it is a naughty activity, considering they have paid monthly, but still have additional ads installed.

These ads usually appear at the top or bottom of the website, a kind of popup but not annoying. But if you continue to see it when visiting the website, surely the comfort when surfing the internet will be disturbed.

So the only right choice is remove the ad from the point of view, and it is the user’s right not to violate any provisions. And this tutorial will share a tutorial on removing Indihome ads completely on a Windows computer or laptop.

How to Remove Indihome Ads on Windows Computer

The easiest way is to install the AD Block extension, but sometimes Indihome ads still appear because not all hosts are blocked. And the most effective way is to block the entire Indihome ad host on the computer. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open Explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

  2. Open file Hosts with Notepad or Notepad++.

  3. Add the code below to the last line.

    Eliminate Indihome Ads Completely

  4. After that save the Hosts file. And if a warning appears to run Notepad as Administrator, just select it Yes.

    How to Remove Indihome Ads on Windows

Now try to visit a website, surely the ads will not appear on the screen again. If you have trouble typing the code in the tutorial above, please copy all the code above via Pastebin.

Ensure Indihome Ads Disappear Completely

Although to make sure it can be seen only from the disappearance of ads, but if you are not completely sure, it can actually be seen through the browser. Please open a browser and visit a website.

Then press CTRL+SHIFT+I on the keyboard to go to developer tools. Please go to section Network and after that click F5 to refresh the page. Wait for the website to load and look for one of the blocked ad hosts.

If it appears red, it means you have successfully removed the ad. Because the red color means that access to that URL is restricted or in other words, failed to access that host so no ads are issued. Here is an example picture.

Ensuring Indihome Ads Are Successfully Removed

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The tutorial above teaches how to get rid of Indihome ads by blocking several hosts that are commonly used to display ads. It also includes the advertisements that appear on the Lighthouse website.

So functionally, the hosts on the list above will be redirected to the IP address which is a local IP that will not be accessible to your network. The above method has no risk as long as you do it right.

Hopefully useful and good luck