Reply Story WA and how to use it – WhatsApp users may find it difficult when there are so many comments in a group. Where, we want to comment on one of the tweets issued by one of the grub members.

If you just haphazardly write something, of course, it will confuse the grub members. Is it aimed at retaliating for a message sent to one of the grub members or all.

This confusion can only be resolved by using the whatApp reply feature. Reply story whatApp is a feature that allows us to directly reply to messages sent by grub members by including some of the contents of the message.

So, the replies sent will be more directed and not cause confusion if many people are sending messages in grub at the same time. This feature is available in the WhatsApp application whether it is on the Android and iOS platforms. Users just use it.

So how do you use the reply story wa feature, min? To find out how to use the reply story feature, here’s how to do it.

How to Use Reply Story WA

Here is an easy guide to using the WA Reply Story service or commonly known as the WhatsApp application’s individual reply feature.

  • First, please open a WA account on an Android or iPhone device.
  • Second, go to grub and look for the message or chat you want to reply to.
  • Third, Press a few seconds the message you want to reply to. A selection menu will appear at the top of your cellphone screen.
  • Fourth, Press the Reply icon, then the message will also be embedded into the text box.
  • Fifth, type a reply message, if you have clicked send to send the message.

By doing this, you have succeeded in using the WA message reply feature in a group. Please follow the steps above correctly rather than wrong in the application.

You can also use the Reply member message feature to comment on chat friends discussing many themes. You can use the method above to reply to tweets that are important to reply to one by one.

The presence of the Reply story feature in the WhstsApp application, we think is quite helpful for its users. Especially for people who often discuss using online media such as through this WA application.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the Reply story wa feature and how to use it. We hope that what we share is useful for you. Especially for people who like long conversations in order to minimize the confusion that arises as a result of these activities.