Restrict Internet Data Usage in Windows 10

Not only on mobile phones that have features to limit internet data usage, but on computers or precisely on Windows 10 OS also has the same features as that. And the good thing is that you don’t need to install additional programs, aka this feature is purely Windows default.

That way when you use a modem with a monthly internet package on your computer, you can always find out how much quota is spent so far. Not just the modem, but all connectivity, whether it’s like WiFi, can also be limited.

Restrictions can be made based on the amount of quota you have and the time the internet package runs out. So during that time you can continue to monitor how much quota you have without having to worry about running out.

How to Limit Internet Quota Usage in Windows 10

  1. Click START and click the Settings icon (Settings).

  2. Please go to the menu Network & Internet.

  3. Next click menu Data Usage.

    Click Menu Data Usage

  4. Select the type of data you want to limit, then click the button Set Limit.

    Select Data Type

  5. On Limit Typechoose according to the time the package ends, for example if it is monthly, then select as Monthly.

    Restrict Internet Data Usage in Windows 10

  6. Then in the Date below it, select the date when the internet package expires/resets.

  7. And in the column Data Limitwrite down how much internet package you have.

  8. Meanwhile in column Unitchoose between MB (MegaBytes) or GB (GigaByte).

  9. Next click the button Save and done.

From now on you can monitor data usage through the Data Usage page. And if the data usage is up, you will get notification on Windows.

As a suggestion, if you subscribe to a 5GB internet package, then write it on the data limit as 4.8GB only. Because the counting system from the operator and in Windows 10 can be different, or with this intention it is not 100% accurate. For that, it’s a good idea to set a slight difference from the total internet package you have.

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Removing Internet Data Restrictions Set on Windows 10

If you feel that it is enough to limit your internet quota or data, you can remove these restrictions. The trick is to press the button Remove Limit on the Data Usage page. And after that the approval dialog will appear, just press Remove and done.

Removing Internet Data Restrictions

Even if the restriction has been removed, you will still be able to see how much data was released in the last 30 days. From now on there are no more restrictions, but you can also create new restrictions if that’s what you need.

Hopefully useful and good luck