Safe Tips Before Updating Android Phone

Every update or update to Android software always brings various things, depending on the vendor or brand of each cellphone. Some provide a new Android version, new features, or just a fix for previous errors.

Of course, updating the phone will have advantages over nothing. But before doing that, there’s something most people might forget. Where will it be affect the update process and also the data on the phone.

Therefore, this article will show you some safe tips before updating the Android phone. Make sure you apply these tips in order to make the update process smooth and everything safe without losing anything.

1. Backup Important Data

Every cell phone must have important data. Such as photos, videos, contacts, SMS, and so on. For that, it would be better if you back up important data first just in case.

Backup Important Data

Although most of the update processes that are carried out on all cellphones always work without any problems, this step is very important to do just in case. Because who would have thought that in the middle of the update process, the phone suddenly died and affected the system.

You can back up important phone data to cloud storage or to another memory card. That way everything will be under control.

2. Charge the Battery First

The second important thing is to charge the battery until 100%. Because battery power plays a high role in this update process. If it runs out, surely the update process will be hampered and affect the phone system.

Charging Battery Data Before Updating Android Phone

Keep in mind that if during the updating process it fails in the middle of the road due to the battery running out, then the phone is at risk bootloop. Therefore, it is highly recommended to charge it first so that it runs smoothly.

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3. Checking the Review on the Update

The last thing is to make sure the software update is not problematic. You can check the reviews on various forums, Youtube, or in the Facebook group according to the type of phone.

Check Review Before Updating Phone

If many have updated and there are no problems with the cellphone, then now you are ready to update it too.

Meanwhile, if many feel bugs/a big mistake in the update that resulted in disappointment, it’s good to think about it before continuing.

Even if there is a fairly severe error with the update, just wait for the next update, usually it won’t take long.

Apart from the above, there may be a few more things that can be done before updating the phone, but in my opinion the three above are the most important and never to forget them, especially for the first point.

If you have other tips, you are very welcome to share them in the comments column, in order to help others so that the update process runs smoothly and successfully without any problems.

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