Sanctions for Cancellation of Participation in 2022 SBMPTN – Sometimes we encounter students who have taken the SBMPTN and then get graduation results do not continue and cancel.

It is necessary to know, to pass the SBMPTN exam is not easy to do. Many participants experience failure while conducting live exams for these students.

Cancellation of SBMPTN after being declared pass is rare. But, you still have to be careful, because there will be sanctions for canceling the SBMPTN obtained by students who do not take this result.

SBMPTN Cancellation Sanctions

When the participants who have passed the SBMPTN or SNMPTN exams then decide not to continue. You need to think carefully when you want to do it.

The reason is, there are consequences or sanctions that are obtained when you pass the exam but do not carry out the re-registration process. If you look at the past few years, you may be free to take this exam or not. Because there is still no penalty.

It’s different now, just like when you are late paying the UTBK, you will get sanctions that are not kidding related to the problem of canceling this SBMPTN. here is the explanation.

Sanctions for Cancellation of SBMPTN Participation for Exam Participants who Pass the Exam

From a quote from the LTMPT public relations coordinator Ismaini Zain some time ago, he said that students who passed the SBMPTN exam and then did not take the opportunity or canceled it. Then the consequence that can be obtained is that they will lose the right to take the exam again.

In fact, the Executive Director of LTMPTN, Budi Widyabroto, also emphasized that this consequence is not only valid for 1 year, but is long enough. Then, how long will the sanction get, min? according to him the consequence was not being able to take the exam again for 3 years.

It can be said that the participants who have passed the SBMPTN exam and do not continue it need to wait for three years. The waiting time is quite long according to the personal admin.

Of course this is very detrimental to the students who are interested, maybe there will be a sense of regret when they want to continue it again. So, please think about it before canceling this SBMPTN or SNMPTN.

That is the information we can convey regarding the sanctions for canceling the 2022 SBMPTN for participants who have passed the exam but were not taken. Therefore, before taking action, we should know the positive or negative impact of the results of your decision. So hopefully it’s useful.