Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips And Tricks

Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips And Tricks – To reach the highest rank in the arena of valor is a matter of pride, to pursue the highest rank, namely conqueror but do you already know the secret of solo players being able to reach conqueror rank? now you have to know so that you can always penetrate to the conqueror rank in the moba game. read to the end!

In fact, I have experienced these tips many times, but they may not always work, only about 70% because before starting the game the Aov system uses a match system, namely matching teams before starting.

For players who are just starting to play Aov, it is advisable to first master a good hero and can be used until you are proficient at using the hero, even better you have to master some of the heroes you like.

Because playing in rank match can’t be selfish what’s more, fighting for picks because it can make the team mentally down at the beginning, and can reduce the quality of play when just starting the match.

But this time we will discuss the tips and tricks from the other side, which is the main point of the Aov system, namely match making. We don’t want to remodel or hack the aov system file, but we will take advantage of the match making system in the arena of valor.

Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips And Tricks

Tips this may or may not work because it is a team matching system, it could be just luck and coincidence, because I want to share my experience while playing the arena of valor to reach the conqueror rank it is not as difficult as imagined.

Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips

What is needed of all of them is patience in playing, playing that invites emotions will definitely not last long maybe 3-4 matches have left the AFK game, this is very unfortunate, even though it can change the system match making become able to get an easy opponent if you continue to lose.

As I said before, it probably doesn’t always work, it could be mixed with hockey. But it often penetrates to the conqueror easily after I applied these tips, namely Lose streak.

Lose Streak? Many players if they have experienced a losing streak then he will be lazy to play. Even though from the other side the match system will turn into getting an easy opponent, and once in a while you will also experience a win streak after a losing streak, now the system is working for players to feel win streak.


Win streak it’s felt after you get losing streak but lose and win of course there are still a lot of wins. Therefore you can easily penetrate the conqueror as long as you always play in rank matches.

And most players if they have experienced a losing streak when playing rank then they will move to a quick match, it’s a shame you should be able to get a win in a rank match.

These tips are different from people who play party with a team because if you play with a team, you can always win and only lose against a team that is commensurate.

Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips

Honestly after I feel pass to conqueror the first time in season 2, playing solo players always felt a losing streak, until there was an intention to make real trolling but at that time they were directly overwritten by 100% pure consecutive wins.

And there we will know match making makes us win streak after losing streak is real, but most likely the success rate is only 70%.


If you want to try this project you can use smurf accountto try to play in a rank match and then be deliberately defeated (not deliberately killed), then after you experience a losing streak you will definitely feel win streakit could be that you directly meet the BOT opponent if you experience a lot of losses.

Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips

Playing solo player is more fun for those who don’t have a team, because when you reach rank Conqueror we will get our own happiness to feel the happy sensation if we can penetrate the conqueror by playing solo player.

The discussion this time is different from the other side, what is certain is that the most important thing is that you can understand all the heroes and skills they have. What’s more, you can understand it, you are required to master high quality and not difficult heroes.

How are you friends? now you know how to quickly penetrate the conqueror rank and some secrets for those of you who have difficulty reaching the conqueror rank, now you can easily reach the conqueror rank by play solo player. The key is just to keep playing in Rank Match.

That’s how some Secrets of Solo Rank to Conqueror AOV Tips And Tricks that way you already know some secrets from the other side that you can use to prove using a smurf account, so many friends may be useful.