Shopee Express Package Not Moving? This is the cause – Are you having problems with the Shopee Express package not moving? If yes you are at right place. because, below we will provide information on the causes and how to overcome them.

When the process of waiting for the arrival of the package using the Shopee Express expedition service, sometimes buyers find a condition where the package is stopped or has not changed from its original location.

Of course, this causes confusion for buyers, especially those who use this type of Shopee Express expedition.

Before going to this stage, this article answers the question why the Shopee Express package doesn’t want to move. Buyers need to know the process of sending packages in buying and selling online.

The process of sending packages or purchased goods from the Shopee marketplace is carried out in a relay, by going through several transits at the expedition warehouse and delivery in different cities.

When in transit from the sending city to the destination city, there is usually a change in delivery status, and in updates periodically. This is what makes the sender/receiver of goods or packages know the whereabouts of the package.

Causes of Shopee Express Packages Not Moving When Checking Receipts

There are several reasons behind why the package that has been sent suddenly does not move when checking the receipt number takes place. Among them are:

1. Using Shopee Express Services Save or Standard

Shopee Express expeditions consist of 4 types, including Savings, Standard, Sameday, and Instant.

Buyers who use Shopee Express Save or Standard will take longer than Sameday or Instant.

This is because packages with Economical or Standard shipping services are usually sent by land, namely trucks/box cars which take a long time.

So, it is possible that the delivery status will take a long time and it seems as if it doesn’t move from one city to another.

2. City Distance Far

The second reason is the distance between the cities from the sender to the recipient of the goods is far. This distance constraint stops the status that we check using the Shopee Express receipt number.

However, this does not apply to buyers using Sameday or Instant Shopee Express delivery services. Because, even though the status on the receipt doesn’t move, maybe it’s only for a few hours.

3. Shopee Express Expedition Has Problems

As consignees, we don’t know what happens when the goods are in the process of being delivered.
During the process of sending a Shopee Express package, there may be problems that arise, for example, travel restrictions, traffic accidents, natural disasters, or other things that cause packages to be stuck in one place.

If this happens, usually the expedition party provides information through the official website or social media accounts regarding operational problems like this. Therefore, it is necessary to insure every package to avoid major losses like this.

How to Overcome Shopee Express Packages Not Moving / Stopped Long

To avoid obstacles during the trip, because the package never arrived at the destination address. Julybe the buyer can use the express or express service in this Shopee Express.

Yep, by using the Shopee Express Sameday or Instant service, the percentage of the package status does not move, and it may stop in a matter of hours. not even days.

Even so, we also need to take into account the time between the delivery city to the destination city. Because distance is also one of the reasons why Shopee Express packages take so long to arrive.

How about using Save and Standard, min?

For Shopee Express users of the Save and Standard types, if you find that the package status hasn’t moved for a long time, you don’t need to worry. As long as the receipt number validand provide tracking results when trackingthen the package is still safe on the road even if it stops for days.

This Shopee Express package is actually still in the process of being sent to your hometown. However, because the transit points are different, some even rotate so that the status will be updated when entering the destination city route.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the fixed Shopee Express package solution. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful. Especially for the sender or recipient who uses this service between Shopee Express.