Shopee Express Standard: Definition and Coverage Area – The Shopee application has its own goods/product delivery service with various types in it. This delivery service is called Shopee Express.

There are various types of Shopee Express issued by Shopee, including SameDay, Instant, Save, and also Standard. Each of these types of Shopee Express also has its own terms and conditions, which have been regulated by Shopee.

Since in this article we are focusing on discussing the Shopee Express Standard. So below, we will provide a complete explanation regarding this type of expedition at Shopee Express.

Understanding Shopee Express Standard

Shopee Express Standard is one type of Shopee application expedition service that handles shipping throughout Indonesia. This service is different from Shopee Express Instant, Save or Sameday. Because it needs to cooperate with other expeditions in the courier sector.

In addition, Shopee Standard Express is able to carry goods that weigh quite large, namely 200kg for Java and 50kg outside the island. So, it will be very helpful for customers who like to buy large size items.

For the delivery period, Standard Shopee Express has a fairly short time span. Because the product/goods will arrive within 1-3 days for big cities on the island of Java and 7 days for outside Java.

Unfortunately, you can’t enjoy this type of Shopee Express Standard abroad. Shopee is still limiting the delivery range to only within the country of Indonesia. Julybe if it has developed the manager will expand it.

Shopee Express Standard Terms and Conditions

Here are some things you need to know when you want to use this expedition:

  • The maximum weight of goods transported is 200kg for the island of Java and 50kg outside Java.
  • The delivery period is 1-3 days for major cities on the island of Java and 7 days for outside Java.
  • Maximum delivery time is 2 working days.
  • It is forbidden to send animals, plants, money, securities, checks, demand deposits, bonds, stocks, certificates and other important documents.
  • It is forbidden to send goods that violate government regulations, such as drugs, toxic goods, and others.

Shopee Express Standard Coverage Area

As we explained above, that Shopee Express Standard has a reach that covers the territory of Indonesia only. Whether it’s in the city or district around Java and others.

  • DKI Jakarta Province: West Jakarta, Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, East Jakarta & North Jakarta
  • Banten Province : Tangerang, South Tangerang & Tangerang Regency
  • Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta: Yogyakarta
  • West Java Province: Bogor, Bogor Regency, Depok, Bekasi, Bekasi Regency, Bandung, Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Cimahi & Tasikmalaya
  • Central Java Province: Jepara, Semarang & Kudus District
  • East Java Province: Surabaya

As well as several other Shopee express coverage areas that are not listed. such as in the provinces of Sumatra, Kalimantan, Papua, and others.

How to Check Shopee Standard Express Receipt Number

After knowing the definition, criteria for goods, and also the area coverage. For those of you who want to check the goods that you have purchased using this type of Shopee Express Standard expedition, you can follow the following steps.

  • Open the Shopee app account, then go to the ‘Me’ menu.
  • Next, please visit the ‘Sent’ menu.
  • Press the track option on the package where the receipt number will be seen.
  • The delivery status will appear, whether it’s the estimated time when the package will be received along with the package receipt number.
  • To see more details, please click ‘Copy’ on the Standard Shopee Express package receipt number that you purchased.

At this stage, we have managed to get the package receipt number. Now we just need to find the package. The method:

  • Open your flagship browser. Then go to
  • In the tracking number column, please ‘Paste’ the package receipt number.
  • Click the ‘Track’ button to start the search.
  • The delivery status of packages using the Shopee Express Standard shipping service will appear. With the appearance of this status, you can know where your package is now. Happy!

Keep in mind, shipping using the Express Standard type at Shopee needs to cooperate with other expedition services, namely the courier service section between the counters. Buyers can also use SiCepat Ekspres to send packages when the area is out of reach.

Shopee Express Standard Operating Hours

Before answering, is Shopee Express Standard closed on Sundays? We will provide information on Shopee Express operating hours, along with the pick up schedule for this type of delivery. Here is the detailed information:

1. Items delivered on the same day

  • Working days: Monday-Sunday
  • Working Hours: 09:00-23:00
  • Request pickup: 00:00-12:59
  • Nearest time: 13:00-16:59 or 17:00-23:00

2. Items delivered the same day and the next day

  • Working days: Monday-Sunday
  • Working Hours: 09:00-23:00
  • Request pickup: 13:00-16:59
  • Nearest time: 17:00-23:00 or 13:00-16:59

3. Goods will be delivered the next day

  • Working days: Monday-Sunday
  • Working Hours: 09:00-23:00
  • Request pickup: 17:00-23:00
  • Nearest time: 00:00-12:59 or 13:00-16:59

Does Shopee Express Standard Deliver Home?

According to several users who use the Standard type of Shopee Express expedition services, goods delivered via this expedition will be delivered to their homes. The shopee courier will ask the buyer’s location questions when the goods have arrived at the destination city.

Therefore, make sure that the number listed is still active and can be contacted. As a medium to make it easier for couriers to find buyer addresses at shopee who use this standard Shopee Express delivery service.

This is the information we can convey regarding this Shopee Express Standard. If there are things that need to be asked, please express them through the comments column provided.

If the package you have purchased through this service experiences an incident that causes the package to stop for a long time or other problems, you can contact Shopee customer service at the addresses below:

  • Phone Number : (021) 1500702
  • Websites:
  • Support Form: Thank you and hopefully useful.