Shopee Express Sumedang: Location, Contact, and Hours of Operation – For the Sumedang people who want to know the location of the Shopee Express Sumedang office address. But, do not know where the office is located. Relax, below we will provide the information.

Some Shopee application users, especially sellers, maybe many don’t know that there is a Shopee Express office in Sumedang city. Shopee Express itself is a new delivery service in the Shopee application, so maybe not many people know about this.

Well, below we will provide brief information regarding Shopee Express in Sumedang. Whether it’s the address, operating hours or contact that can be contacted. For more details, please read the text below.

Shopee Express Sumedang

Like other Shopee Express, this office in the city of Sumedang also serves the activity of sending packages, goods, documents, e-commerce and so forth. In addition, users can also check the Shopee Express receipt number to track goods or just see delivery status.

Various kinds of delivery options between goods are available at Shopee Express Sumedang, be it express packages with a duration of 1 day to their destination, to packages regular or standard which takes longer. Of course, these two things cannot be separated from the distance to the location of the goods.

In addition, postage rates (shipping costs) also vary, depending on the distance, weight, and size of the goods transported by the courier. So, we cannot provide certainty about the costs you need to pay for a delivery.

Shopee Express Sumedang Office Location and Operating Hours

The location of the Shopee office address in Sumedang city is at Jalan Prabu Gajah Agung No. 8 Jatihurip, Sumedang District, West Java 45621. This location is close to the Ciakar Bus terminal, and next to the Ciakar Pharmacy.

For potential sellers who want to use Shopee Express services to deliver goods. The Sumedang Shopee Express office is open Monday-Sunday for 10 hours/day, more precisely from 07.00 am -17.00 pm.

There are no holidays for every shipment of goods. So you can come anytime for 1 full week from opening hours to closing the Shopee Express office in Sumedang city.

Contact Shopee Express Sumedang

When we look for contact information that can be contacted, be it via email, social media accounts. There is no address that can be contacted.

However, if you want to contact this office via phone number, Shopee Express Sumedang has listed it on Google Maps. The number is 0261 2152784. Please call the number if interested.

You can also go directly to this Shopee Express office address at Jalan Prabu Gajah Agung No.8 Jatihurip, Sumedang District, West Java 45621 to make direct transactions.

That’s the information we can convey related to Shopee Express Sumedang. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful. Especially for people who are curious about the address, working hours, and contact of this expedition service.

For more information, such as shopee express sumedang locker or shopee express agent list, you can visit the nearest Shopee Express office in Sumedang city. Or contact the Shopee Express Sumedang call center (customer service) for a quick response.