Shopee Partner Payments, This Is What It Means – Shopee application users who want to choose a payment method for the goods they want to buy may be a bit confused when there is the ‘Shopee Partner Payment’ option. Whereas previously this option did not exist.

You can find Shopee Partner payments in the latest version of the Shopee application, which has been equipped with this feature. Therefore, please update to the latest version to find the latest features of this Shopee marketplace.

Many Shopee users do not know the purpose of this payment method through Shopee Partners. Therefore, below we will provide complete information related to this. Please listen carefully.

What is Shopee Partner

Before going to the point of this article, which is to know the purpose of Shopee Partner Payments. As a user of this leading marketplace application in Indonesia, you need to know what a Shopee Partner is.

Shopee Partners are users who have joined and registered in the Shopee Partner application. Partners at shopee will resell products purchased through the application offline.

Products that can be purchased on the Shopee Partner application are Credit & Data Packages, Game Vouchers, PLN Electricity (Tokens & Bills), Indonesian Train Tickets, and other bills such as Credit Installments, Health Social Security Administration Agency (BPJS Kesehatan), Regional Water Companies Drinking (PDAM), Postpaid, Telkom, and Cable TV.

In addition to what we have mentioned above, Shopee Partners can also be used to send money, pay installments, and pay for Shopee marketplace aka pay for goods in the Shopee application through this.

Shopee Partner Payment Meaning

After knowing a little about Shopee Partners from the description above, maybe readers already know a little bit what Shopee Partners are, their functions, and what things can be done by them. partner Shopee’s application.

So, Shopee Partner payment means a payment method in the Shopee application, namely through Shopee Partners. This method is not much different from payments at Alfamart or Indomaret.

Because, to pay through Shopee Partners, the buyer needs to use a code obtained from the Shoppe application, then use it to pay bills for the goods purchased.

How to Pay Bills via Shopee Partners

Here are the payment methods that you can do if you want to use Shopee Partners as an option to pay bills for the goods ordered:

  • First, please click ‘Shopee Partner’ in Payment Method.
  • Next, click ‘Confirm’ then ‘Make Order’.
  • The customer will be shown a ‘Shopee Partner Payment Code’ which is displayed automatically. Please proceed with payment by following the in-app payment instructions steps.
  • To make it easier, just copy or screenshot the payment code on Shopee Partners. done
  • At this stage you just need to find a Shopee Partner that is close to your house. You can use the Shopee Partner billing code that you have saved to pay for the items you buy at Shopee.
  • Don’t forget to save proof of payment to show the courier if he asks about it. Done

How to Find Shopee Partner Payment Locations

To find the location of Shopee Partners around you, the method is quite easy. You can find out that the place is a Shopee Partner with a distinctive logo\banner displayed in front of the outlet or shop.

Therefore, before you make a payment using the Shopee Partner payment method, it’s a good idea to know where the place that will be used to pay this Shopee bill is.

So, when you’ve done check out You don’t need to search here and there to find the whereabouts of this Shopee application partner. To maximize the time you have.

  • Payments can be made according to the Shopee Partner’s operating hours.
  • Payment can be made for a minimum transaction of IDR 1,000 – IDR 10,000,000.
  • Save the proof of payment after the payment is successful.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the intent of the Shopee Partner payment method. If you are still confused and want to ask questions related to this topic, please include them in the comments column.

Prospective buyers who already use the Shopee Partner bill payment method cannot switch places to Indomaret or Alfamart when making payments. Because the Shopee Partner payment feature only serves this section. Thank you and hopefully useful.