Signal: Secret Chat App and Anti Spy

Signal is a chat application that excels in its privacy features. Guarantee every message sent or received can not be known by other people in any way. Because every message in this application will be encrypted.

The security provided is almost the same as in WhatsApp, it’s just that there are differences in features which I think Signal superior in maintaining privacy its users. In addition, this application is free to use, and there are no ads in it at all.

There are distinct advantages of the Signal application compared to others. Some of them will be discussed here. So if you are confused about which chat application is good to use and protect the privacy of its users, maybe you can try installing this Signal.

Signal App 100% Made for Users

Signal is an organization non-profit which is not associated with any of the major tech companies, and they ensure never to be owned by any of them. So overall, this chat application is made for users, not for profit.

The development of the application is supported by donations from users. Of course it is used to build better applications, including for server costs.

Signal is Fully Open Source

Open Source Signals

The point of being open is that anyone can see the contents of the code inside to make sure it is completely safe. So you can do it yourself compile application manually, without having to download in the Play Store.

Unlike WhatsApp, which doesn’t open, Signal really wants to show the world that this chat app is completely safe, has no ads, no trackers, and is completely made to respect users’ privacy.

Free Voice and Video Calls

Free Calls on Signal

This one might not be surprising enough, because most apps already come with this feature. So only with an internet connection, you can contact someone long distance for free.

From my experience, voice and video calls sound clear as long as the internet connection is stable. Meanwhile, if the internet connection is not stable, it is possible that there will be delays in the image in video and audio, so it looks like nothing realtime. But that’s normal, considering that other chat applications also require a stable connection.

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Gather Together with Group Features

Chat with many friends at once can also be done from the group feature. And the good news is that there is no limit to the members who join. So building a community on Signal is possible without need to split the group into sections.

Message Active Period Features

Message Remover Features

Another excellent feature is the active period of the message. Here you can set the time period for the message to expire. For example, you set it to 1 day, so all messages sent in the last 1 day will be automatically deleted by the system.

This refers to all types of messages, be it text, sound, video, or even stickers. So that the media in the conversation will also be completely erased.

There are many other excellent features, and they can be found in the application. So if you are interested in trying it, please download the application via the Play Store or the Apps Store.

Signal is also available for Windows computers. The registration process is also very easy, only through a phone number.

Hopefully useful and good luck