Simple Tips for a Happier Life

Tips for a happier life – Many post FB or twitter status with hashtags #happiness is simple and it is true. Happiness is in your heart and mind, you are the one who can make your happiness and you are also the one who can change what should be happiness can become sad. You are what you think. There are many simple ways you can do to make your life happy. Happiness is not only about material things but the little things that you are always grateful for, enjoy and live with all your heart can make you happier.

Well, glad it’s really that simple. As long as we enjoy and be grateful for what happens to us. Then glad it would indeed be very simple. And you alone make your happiness, your sadness. Here I will share a simple way to make MY life happier, why I use the capital alphabet again because what makes your happiness with me is certainly different, so for that I will share from what I experienced:

Do your hobbies, activities or work wholeheartedly
Having a useful event or activity is one simple way to make your life happier. If you are totally devoted to your activities and work, it will make you feel happier by itself.

Simple Tips for a Happier Life

Share with others
If you are sad because you have a problem or life problem sharing it with close friends, family or partner will make you happier. Even if they can only hear and can’t help your feelings, it will be more comforting to be able to state your case. Humans are social creatures and we cannot deny this.

In addition to sharing opinions or cases, helping each other is also a simple way to make your life happier. Just imagine how it feels or satisfaction when you can help other people with their case!

Never hold a grudge
Continuing the above topic as a social being, it is undeniable that in affiliation with other people there are always friction, different opinions and maybe fights. It makes sense but you should not hold grudges, grudges are a burden in your life the longer you hold grudges the longer you are unhappy. It’s okay to have different opinions, fight or even violate, but you should immediately forget about the carving and return to living in harmony as usual, holding a grudge will also only waste your energy. Well, instead of wasting energy on negative things like revenge, it’s better to use it for positive things, guaranteed that your life will be happier.

Sorry for the mistakes that happened in the past. Try to take it as a life lesson. Because it could be, what makes us feel unhappy today is the painful and traumatic things that happened when we were little. Besides forgiving others and apologizing to others, is also the key to personal happiness.

Get enough rest & live healthy
How will you live more happily if you are sick or there are health problems in you. Simply dividing time with activities, exercise and rest (sleep) will make you healthier, when your body is healthy then your metabolic system will increase, which means the production of endorphins in your brain will increase. If there is an increase in endorphins in the brain, you will feel more comfortable, happy and prosperous. You need to know Endhorpine is a chemical compound in the brain that is responsible for creating a sense of happiness, pleasure, comfort and well-being.

Don’t be too scared or worried
Excessive fear and worry can prevent you from living a happier life. Worrying about the future, afraid of failing exams, worrying about not being able to get a mate and other feelings of fear and worry will actually make you worse and afraid to live life. Fear and worry are expected to increase your alertness and be prepared to try to prepare a solution but excessive fear and worry will make you worse. You should be able to think more positively that worries and fears about something are not necessarily a reality. This way you will live a happier life.

Well back to you, me and other human beings in general, namely social beings who cannot live alone. Being able to live in society, make more friends and build better relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and society in general will make your life happier.

Be grateful
Gratitude is a more beautiful and simple way to make your life happier. Everyone will of course get a great gift from God such as success, the success of achieving something, a proud achievement but unfortunately only a few people can be sincere and patient if God shows obstacles, obstacles and trials. Realizing that life is like a wheel that will keep turning sometimes up and sometimes down will show you to learn to be grateful for everything, both bad and good that you receive.

Stress management
Stress is one of the factors that inhibits happiness, when stress everything feels worse. You may be stressed but remember not to stress, despair or depression manage you, on the contrary you should be able to manage stress levels better. Stress cannot be prevented or avoided because we live, and the name of life is always there are conflicts, trials or life problems that always come. Managing stress levels as low as possible will make your life happier.

Well maybe that’s all I can say about a simple way to live a happier life, of course you have direct experiences that make your own happiness. Please share your happy experience with thousands of readers of this blog by sending your article to our email or adding it in the comment box provided.