Simple Ways To Free Up Ram On Android

Free up ram on android smartphone – The use of ram for many applications that are used both personally and that run under the screen often makes Android feel slow and the phone gets hot quickly. This makes sense because the use of ram on Android works harder and makes the system work more extra so that Android becomes slower or hot faster.

So it is very important to consider using applications that are really needed and useful for you, especially if the RAM capacity on your Android is limited. (Also read our other articles about remove default android apps for Android phones that have been rooted or not.) Well this time I will give a few tips on how to free up RAM memory capacity in a very simple way so that your Android ram becomes more spacious, faster and makes your Android battery not hot quickly.

Android ram can be freed up in a simple way without the hassle of rooting and installing such complicated applications. Ram on android is indeed a very important component, ram is the area where the applications you have or download on your android run, when the applications in your android are too many and running all these things will make your ram run out and your phone will automatically slow down its performance ( slow). Even though your internal and external memory is large, it doesn’t have any effect in this case unless the applications you use are light and few. Here is a simple way to free up RAM on your Android.

Simple Ways To Free Up Ram On Android

  • Go to settings on your android and select application manager
  • Automatically you will be in the application download tab, open each application and force close
  • Swipe to the internal/external tab, do the same by opening the application and forcing it to stop/force close for all the applications that are on your internal/external
  • Swipe again to tap ram / running applications, open one by one and force it to stop the same way as above, if there are applications that are difficult to dismiss then you don’t need to force it
  • Slide again to the all applications tab, there are indeed many applications in this tab, please choose your own applications that run frequently but it would be nice for all applications.

That’s a simple way to relieve RAM on Android, Hopefully with the above method your Android is free from lag or lag when you play HD games that have a large enough RAM memory usage capacity and your Android battery doesn’t heat up quickly. Thank you for visiting and for this article to be useful, thank you.