Simple Ways to Increase Optimal Height

Height can affect a person’s self-dogma. Someone who has an optimal height will usually have a higher self-dogma than those who have a less than optimal height. As quoted from the popular health site WebMD, simple habits together can help increase optimal height. Indeed, there are now many supplements or drugs available in the market that claim to be able to increase a person’s height quickly.

As quoted from Alodokter, never be influenced by advertisements for drugs or supplements that claim to stimulate height growth, especially if it is written that there is growth hormone contained in the supplement. The reason is, growth hormone can only be given in the form of injections, not tablets or syrup. In addition there are side effects that are harmful to your body. It would be better to maximize or optimize body height naturally and healthy.

Less than optimal height of a person can be influenced by several factors that influence them, namely, lack of nutritional intake, chronic diseases, and genetic factors. To find out the maximum height that can be achieved, it can be done by calculating the height of both parents. The following is a way to calculate the assumed height of a child.

Calculating the assumed optimal height of girls

  • (father’s height – 12.7 cm + mother’s height) divided by 2.

Calculating the assumed optimal height of a boy

  • (mother’s height + 12.7 cm + father’s height) divided by 2.

How to Increase Height Naturally

The growth period as quoted from WebMD will be at its peak, namely in boys from the age of 11-13 years and in girls starting at the age of 9-12 years. Growth will continue after that age but slows down until it usually ends at the end of puberty. According to Ulin Hospital, it will generally stop at 21-year-old males and 19-year-old females, but it can also be more than that depending on genetics as well. So, if you are a parent and want your child to have an optimal height, here are some simple and natural ways that are proven to increase optimal height.

Regular exercise
It is very important for those who are in their infancy to do physical exercise or exercise regularly. This will stimulate growth hormone and increase optimal body height. Besides being able to increase optimal height, exercise has also been shown to increase the body’s metabolic system, meaning that it increases the body’s immune system against disease. Some sports that are proven to increase optimal height are swimming, basketball, jumping rope, running, riding a bicycle, soccer, etc.

Meet the need for rest or sleep
As we know, lack of good sleep will make you feel sleepy during the day, lazy, lack of focus, lack of concentration and weakened immunity. Research shows that less than 9 hours of sleep (for adults under 20 years old) can slow growth. You need to know that during sleep, the body automatically produces growth hormone or HGH. Meet the need for adequate sleep time of 9 to 10 hours.

Healthy and balanced food
A healthy and balanced diet has a big influence on optimal growth. Exercise and adequate sleep can be useless if the food consumed is not healthy, balanced and nutritious. Because these nutrients are absorbed by the body and used for growth and development of a person for optimal height. Expand fruit and vegetables, milk, meat or other nutritious foods. Avoid eating unhealthy foods such as containing preservatives, instant noodles, soft drinks, sweetened etc.

Start eating healthy foods that contain calcium and vitamin D which are good for bone growth such as milk, spinach, cabbage, fish, mushrooms, broccoli. In addition to calcium and vitamin D, also consume foods that contain lean protein such as chicken, beef, fish and foods that contain zinc such as crab, pumpkin, beans.

Avoid bad habits that slow the growth of optimal height
Some studies show that some bad habits that are often done can inhibit growth, some of which are smoking either active or passive, drinking alcoholic beverages, using illegal drugs, often taking drugs or supplements containing steroids can also inhibit growth. If you do have to take drugs that contain supplements, make sure the dosage is not too high and according to the doctor’s recommendation.