Simple Ways to Increase Revenue From Adsense

Google adsense is still a favorite to make money from the internet for those who have blogs or websites like me hehehehe … Julybe from most new blog or website owners they will find it difficult to register their blog or website to be accepted by Adsense, but for those of us who already in the world of Adsense to make a lot of money from the internet this is a challenge. Because if you want to be honest, registering a blog to become a member is indeed difficult, but making a lot of money from Adsense is much more difficult.

There are many ways that adsense publishers do to increase their income from Google’s advertising schedule. And starting from the tricks on the internet, brands try to increase this income starting from ad placement, increasing the number of traffic visits, promoting their web / blog, optimally increasing ads, choosing keywords and even cheating ways to increase revenue from adsense.

Increase Adsense Earnings

And if we want to be honest, here are some facts about how the most common ways publishers increase income from Google Adsense are the most widely used and let’s discuss them one by one.

Increase CTR/CTR to increase Adsense earnings
According to many Adsense masters the best CTR / CTR is 2-5% and the fact is that if you want to be honest it is very difficult to approach that number even 1 percent is very lucky. CTR is Click Through Rate (Click Through Rate). Julybe this method is effective, but until now there is no effective way or formula to increase Adsense CTR

Ad layout to generate more clicks
Many publishers will suggest a good ad layout to get a large number of clicks. The problem is that no matter how well we increase the ad so that the ad is seen by visitors, but if the ad is not relevant to the content or content of the blog, it is also less likely that visitors will click on the ad. Julybe the layout can contribute to increasing the number of clicks if the ad is relevant or in accordance with the content so that visitors feel they have to click on the ad.

Many clicks a lot of money
Julybe that assumption is correct and it will be even more true if the CPC (cost per ad click) is also high. But in reality how much is the biggest friend’s CPC value ever obtained. In my experience I’ve got 1 click at most $ 1, but most often and at most is under $ 0.2. Many clicks but the value is very small, it’s the same, it’s better to get 5 clicks but for $1 right, instead of 100 clicks for 0.01…

Promote blog to get lots of clicks
Promoting to social media or other websites has proven to be effective in increasing blog visitors and maybe the number of clicks too, but the problem is that visitors from social media or other blogs who visit our blog and click on ads cost much less than visitors who come directly from search engines.

Optimizing keywords and targeting elite traffic
The way that many adsense publishers do to increase the amount of adsense income is by determining keywords that have a high HPK value. Now the problem is that these high-value keywords are very rarely sought after by people, even we have difficulty creating the content because it takes extraordinary writing talent, not just copy and paste to be able to create this high HPK blog content.

In addition, many publishers are targeting elite visitors to get a lot of money from adsense such as visitors from the US, Canada, UK etc. But the problem is that not everyone is able to write good English content for these targeted visitors, like me, who usually only translates and then writes back hahahahha…even though if native Caucasians read English-language blogs which resulted from the translation they would laugh or even find it difficult to understand. interpret the grammar of our blog content….

Now from the various obstacles and difficulties above, to increase income from adsense does require extra hard work. many blogs or websites that say it is very easy to make money from adsense I think the true bullshit is “It’s difficult to make a lot of money from Adsense, but if we want to work hard, big income from adsense is not impossible”

The most perfect way to make a lot of money from adsense is to work hard, increase the number of visitors, always update your blog / website with original and useful content, never stop learning, keep trying and praying, it’s impossible for any publisher, whether blogs in Indonesian. or english.

Whatever the content of your blog (as long as it doesn’t violate Google’s provisions) it is not impossible to get 1 million, 5 million, 10 million or 100 million per month from your blog or website because it has been proven that many successful Indonesian blogs generate hundreds of millions per month from blogs or blogs. their website. If you don’t believe it, please Googling with the keywords of successful blogs in Indonesia. Hopefully this article inspires and continues to motivate you and of course is useful for becoming a successful blogger. Amen.