Solution Cannot Receive OTP Code from Facebook

OTP is an abbreviation of One Time Password, which is used as a temporary PIN. Usually OTP is used to tighten security against an account, for example when a user wants to log in or change settings for an account.

On Facebook, users will receive an OTP code when they want to register an account, or when they enter an account when activating the feature two factor authenticator. But there are times when the OTP code didn’t come inso the user is stuck on that page.

What you need to know is, sometimes this problem is not entirely a result of the Facebook side, but also the result of the number you use. It’s just that this problem is very rare and more frequent on Instagram than on Facebook.

Facebook OTP Code Not Entering Solution

Since we don’t know the exact cause of the OTP code that doesn’t enter, it’s most likely that the problem is caused by three things. The first is the settings or settings on the cellphone, the second is that there is a problem with the mobile card operator used, and the third is the Facebook system that has a problem.

Of these three things, you can solve them one by one, and this article will explain how to do it. Please read and follow starting from the first solution.

1. Reset Message Center on Phone

Message center or SMSC serves as an intermediary in sending or receiving messages. If it is set incorrectly, surely your phone will not be able to be used to send or receive messages, aka it always fails.

So please check the message settings, then look for the section Message Centerplease change it according to the number SMSC on their respective mobile cards. And if you don’t know it, please contact the operator to get the number.

Although by default the message center has been set up automatically by the system, but sometimes the system on the cellphone experiences an error so that the number is lost so that it is not set correctly.

Once you’ve set it up correctly, try requesting the OTP code again from Facebook. Is the code now acceptable?

2. Contacting the Cellular Card Operator

Some time ago I experienced almost the same problem, namely not being able to receive a verification code from a site that was sent via SMS. But strangely it can be received on other numbers. So from here I think the cause is from the previous mobile card.

The solution is to contact the operator. You can do it from social media or directly call him. Then explain in detail the problem and when it happened, later the operator will make a complaint ticket.

The next step is to wait until you get news from the operator. This can be fast or slow depending on each operator. If from my own experience is about 2 days.

And after they say the problem is solved, try to receive the OTP code again from Facebook. Surely now the code is acceptable.

3. Temporary Error of Facebook OTP System

If you have done the two things above but do not produce results, then you can be sure the problem is from the Facebook side itself. Usually this doesn’t last long and only takes a few moments.

There’s no other way but to wait until Facebook fixes the problem itself. Even users are not given the option to contact Facebook.

Until now the case that often occurs is the delay in sending the OTP code, but it’s different if you can’t receive it at all, of course this is a big problem. So as a suggestion, please wait for at least 1 day and then try to get the OTP code again.

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Between the three things above, it is possible to be an obstacle that you are currently experiencing. So there is no need to worry, because every obstacle above has a solution. Meanwhile, in the third point above, it is an error from the Facebook system, so only Facebook can handle it.

If you have other solutions, you are very welcome to share them in the comments column to help other users who are experiencing this problem.

Hopefully useful and good luck