Solution Can’t Open Gmail

Gmail has now become very important, because it is a place where many social media accounts are connected. Although there are tons of email services out there, most people use Gmail because it’s easy to use.

Also know that Gmail is a Google product. So the Gmail account you are using is a Google account. There are several problems that sometimes occur in Gmail, and the most common are can’t enter or failing to get to the main Gmail page, such as accessing messaging.

The problem can be caused by several factors, whether it’s because the login information is entered incorrectly, the system asks for additional verification, or even an internal error from the Gmail system.

Solving Gmail That Can’t Be Opened

Basically Gmail will display some kind of error notification when this happens. But here I will help to make it easier so you can access your Gmail account again.

1. Check Login Information Kembali

If the message “wrong email address or password” appears on the screen, please double check whether you have written down the email address and password correctly? Because some people often forget when he uses large or small text, especially for passwords.

Overcoming Can't Login Gmail

And in connection with the new rules set by Google, that accounts that are inactive for 2 years will be permanently deleted. Is the account that you will be accessing an active account? Because if you haven’t opened it for more than two years, then now you have to make it again.

2. Complete Additional Verification

Google has a very strict system in protecting each user’s sensitive information, for that the implementation of this additional verification is sometimes present when a user wants to log in from an unknown device.

Examples of additional verification are writing another email address linked to the account, or getting a verification SMS against the number linked to the account. This is implemented to ensure that the user is the real account owner.

Additional Verification for Gmail Account Login

After you complete the additional verification, you will be immediately redirected to the main Gmail page and can start managing your messages as usual.

3. An Internal Error Occurred in the System

Although errors in Gmail are basically very rare, it is possible that one day it will happen. For example, such as not being able to access the Gmail page at all, or the words “Temporary Error (500)‘ when I opened it.

It is not a user error and refers to the system. So not only you who experience it, but all users feel the same. For this problem, you just need to wait until Google fixes it. The average event like this only lasts about 1 hour.

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Apart from some of the things above, maybe you also need to test the internet network. Because maybe the network is blocking access to Gmail. And avoid to use VPNbecause it will only make the device unrecognizable by the system.

If you have any questions regarding the solutions above, or maybe you want to add other solutions, please share them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck