Solution Can’t Update Driver Geforce Game Ready

Updating the drivers on your computer is very important to get the latest level of security as well as better compatibility. Moreover it is a necessary driver like NVIDIA Geforce Game Ready.

Basically, users can easily update these drivers through the NVIDIA Geforce Experience program. But there are times when you get a notification like this “NVIDIA unable to download recommended driver“, of course there is no longer an option to check for updates to the driver.

These constraints usually arise due to an error/interference with the internet connection. But there can also be consequences temporary system error. There are several solutions to overcome this, please see directly starting from the first below.

1. Fix Internet Connection

The driver version checking process requires a stable internet connection to determine whether there is an update or not. If your internet connection is slow, please fix it first or use another internet network.

As a suggestion, try to test the internet connection in the browser first. If the connection is problematic, of course the internet network is the cause, but if it turns out that there are no problems from the internet connection, please continue to the next solution.

2. Restart Windows

System errors do occur sometimes, but as long as they’re just normal errors, they can certainly be resolved with the usual methods, such as restarting the device. This solution is also powerful enough to solve various temporary system problems.

3. Check Windows Update

Windows Update has a very high role in fixing serious problems with computers. Please try to check on Windows Update if there is an update. And if available, please direct download at that moment.

Updates that are usually available on Windows Update vary. If you don’t update it for a long time, it will definitely be necessary to download a lot of updates and it will take a while to install.

4. Manually Install Geforce Experience

Who knows the problem that occurs is not from the computer system, but from the Geforce Experience program which has not been updated for a long time. For that I highly recommend reinstalling the program.

How to do it is very easy, please uninstall the NVIDIA Geforce Experience program first, then download the latest version go through the NVIDIA page and do the installation as usual.

5. Perform a System Restore

This last method is more specifically for users who have tried the four methods above but still don’t work to overcome them. So by doing this system restore, it allows you to restore the Windows system back to the previous days when everything was normal without any problems.

Usually people do this during an emergency, such as a system failure which is quite difficult to overcome. And most of it always works as long as the user has a system restore point created the previous day.

So this last method can be done if the computer you are using has a system restore point which is available. And for the method, I highly recommend looking it up on Youtube to make it easier to understand.

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Geforce Game Ready drivers generally have updates every month and updating them can be done easily through the Geforce Experience program. Sometimes users also get notifications when there is an update to the driver.

The average error that causes it to fail to update is an internet connection that is less stable. So by doing the first step above, you should be able to overcome the problem.

If you have questions or perhaps other additions regarding the solutions described above, please share them in the comments column at the bottom of the article.

Hopefully useful and good luck