Solution for the Phone Turns Off Suddenly When Calling on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a chat and phone application that you can enjoy for free. Since the abolition of BBM, WhatsApp actually has far more users in Indonesia. And until now the features in the application continue to grow in order to keep users comfortable in using it.

Actually WhatsApp does not have problems or bugs that are too fatal. But as for someone who sometimes has other problems related to the chat application. One of them is the phone turns off suddenly when making a phone call on WhatsApp.

Well it dies right away (shutdown), or sometimes restarts itself. And I confirm that this problem no comes from the WhatsApp app, but rather from something else on the phone. If you experience this problem too, please continue to read this article to find out the solution.

Overcome Phone Turns Off Suddenly When Calling on WhatsApp

Constraints that usually occur are actually not caused by the WhatsApp application, but from software problem phone. But by updating it, this problem will definitely disappear and the phone will remain safe when calling.

So the ultimate solution I would most recommend is to update the phone software. The procedure can vary from the type / type of cell phone. But you can find the update feature on Arrangement > Software Update.

Software Update on Mobile

Make sure your phone is connected to the internet and has a stable connection so that the update process runs smoothly. Also make sure that your battery is above 70% before starting the update.

If the software has been updated, please try making another phone call on WhatsApp to see the result.

Due to Proximity Sensor Problems

If the incident was caused by the proximity sensor, it must be this doesn’t just happen only in the WhatsApp application, but also for ordinary phone calls.

The purpose of the proximity sensor is to dim the screen when this sensor passes by a nearby object. An example is lifting the phone to the ear. So the screen will automatically dim immediately and not continue to light up.

On the other hand, if this sensor has a problem, then the problem of the cellphone suddenly turning off or restarting can happen. This includes from hard brick and difficult to fix independently. But there are still ways to outsmart it.

The solution is not to use the proximity sensor when making calls, so try not to hold the phone to your ear, aka pick up the phone in front of the face while activating loudspeaker.

Of the many cases, this method is quite effective, but it’s definitely not good for protecting privacy when calling, because you have to activate it loudspeaker so that the sound can be heard clearly.

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You can try the main method above first, because some users give a positive response if the problem is only from the software side. Meanwhile, if the problem is caused by the proximity sensor, then try calling by activating the loud speaker as described above.

When the problem has entered the side hardware, you can try to go to the nearest repairman to fix it. Or go directly to service center according to the brand of the phone.

Hopefully useful and good luck