Solution to Overcome Black Screen on OBS Studio

OBS Studio is the recorder program most used by streamers. Apart from being free, this program also has lots of features that are easy to use. In OBS Studio can also be used to record the current computer monitor screen.

Although in Windows 10 there is a feature to record screen easily, but for streaming purposes, of course OBS Studio will help you better because of its many features. It’s just that some people may experience problems for the first time. One of which is black screen (black screen) when used for screen recording.

This black screen problem in OBS Studio is mostly caused by the program not running using Integrated Graphicsso that if you use the other GPU which is not used for the screen, it will only appear black.

Black Screen Solution on Display Capture in OBS Studio

Actually, the solution I mentioned above is that you only need to open the OBS Studio program using Integrated Graphics. It’s just that there are a few different ways to do that. But here I will show you some of the easiest to follow.

1. Setting on NVIDIA Control Panel

For the first time, I’m dedicated to NVIDIA GPU users, because most of them are experienced by devices that use this GPU. So please open the program NVIDIA Control Panel and then click menu Manage 3D Settings.

Next go to tab Program Settingsthen in part Select a program to customize please select as OBS Studio. And in the column below set it as Integrated Graphics.

Now try to reopen OBS Studio and check if the screen can appear on the program or it still remains black. If it’s still black, please continue to the second method below.

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2. Adjusting Graphics Performance

So Windows 10 also has features like the NVIDIA Control Panel, where you can set any program that can run with the first or second GPU. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open Windows Settings.

  2. Click menu System.

    Click the System menu

  3. Then the Displayscroll down and select menu Graphics Settings.

    Click Menu Graphics Settings

  4. In section Choose an app to set preferences please set as Classic App.

    Set As Classic

  5. Then click the button Browse.

  6. Please find the OBS Studio program file in the installation directory. By default it is in the following directory:

    C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe

  7. If OBS Studio has been added, click the button Options.

    Click the Options Button

  8. After that set it as Power Saving.

    Solving Black Screen in Display Capture in OBS Studio

Basically fashion Power Saving what you choose is the setting to make the program run on Integrated Graphics. It’s different if you set it to High Performance Of course it will use the other GPU.

Now OBS Studio must be able to detect the computer screen. You can try re-adding Display Capture to make sure it’s part preview. If the screen appears immediately, it means that you have successfully made OBS Studio run on Integrated Graphics.

Hopefully useful and good luck