Solution to Overcome Can’t Enter Sleep Mode on PC

Sleep Mode on a PC has almost the same functionality as Hibernation Mode, but the difference is that users don’t have to restart the computer from scratch. So this is the same as using the lockscreen feature on the cellphone.

Whole task or the running program will still be able to continue. And on a laptop, when it goes into sleep mode, the device will run to a minimum and consume only low battery power.

Usually the PC will automatically go into sleep mode if the system experiences an error idle or no activity for a slightly longer period of time. But there are times when there are PCs that can’t enter sleep mode. And there must be a reason.

Solving PC Cannot Enter Sleep Mode

Some of the steps shared here allow sleep mode to be used normally again. So if now your computer or laptop has a similar problem, please do some of these ways, starting with the first one.

1. Changing Settings in Power Options

  1. Click START/Search and type Edit Power Planthen ENTER.

  2. Then click on the menu Change Advanced Power Settings.

  3. In the dialog that appears, double click on Multimedia Settings.

  4. And in section When Sharing Mediaset as Allow the computer to sleep.

  5. The last step, click the button OK.

The simple conclusion from the above method is to ensure that the problem is not caused by multimedia. So sometimes when the device has entered sleep mode, it immediately comes back to life again. This is because of the media that is still playing, such as music and videos.

2. Set Mouse Sensitivity

For this solution it leads more to mouse sensitivity. Because sometimes if the mouse is moved, it will make the device immediately turn on even though it is in sleep mode.

  1. Click START/Search and type Device Managerthen ENTER.

  2. Double click on the menu Mice and Other Pointing Devices.

  3. Right click on the currently used mouse driver, and select options Properties.

  4. Then go to tab Power Management.

  5. Don’t check the option Allow this device to wake the computer.

    Set Mouse Sensitivity So the Computer Can Enter Sleep Mode

  6. The last step, click the button OK.

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3. Set Network Adapter

This third method is actually almost the same as above, which only needs to change the driver settings. So maybe what causes the PC to not go to sleep mode is that the device is connected to the internet.

Please enter the Device Manager as above. Then double click on the Network Adapters. After that select the adapter used to connect to the internet.

Right click on the driver and select Properties. And go to tab Power Management and uncheck the option Allow this device to wake the computer. Continue clicking the OK button.

Troubleshooting PC Won't Enter Sleep Mode

Very similar to the second way, right? Only different types of drivers, while the method is the same. And so far, has this sleep mode problem been resolved? But if it’s still not, please write full details about the problem in the comments column to get the appropriate solution.

Hopefully useful and good luck