Solution to Overcome Can’t Login on Roblox

There are many things that can be done in Roblox games. Become a farmer, miner, cake maker and more. All the games available there are made by other Roblox players. And you can even create your own game.

There are times when Roblox can’t be opened, so you can’t login or enter the game. This is caused by several factors which can still be overcome. So if you experience this problem, you should calm your mind and start to try some of the solutions that I share here.

#1. Result of Server Error from Roblox

Until now, several times the Roblox server has experienced errors. Where when the user is about to log in, it appears something like Error Code which is definitely hard to understand. If you experience this, you should calm down and just wait.

Server errors of this kind are not frequent and usually last only a short time. So just wait a maximum of 2 hours, for sure Roblox can be reopened and you can log into your account again without any more problems.

As a suggestion, join the Roblox community on social media, for example in groups Facebook. That way you can find out the latest information about the game and also what problems are happening right now.

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#2. Try Using a VPN Just to Login

In some cases, the failure to enter the game is because the server blocks the IP address that the user is using. And this is very rarely the case with Roblox, considering that the site can be played in any country.

But who knows the ISP you are using actually blocks the server on Roblox for a reason of its own. So the solution you can do is try to log into Roblox using a VPN network.

You can download free VPN applications that are widely available on Play Store, Apps Storeor Microsoft Store.

In conclusion, use the VPN only to log in to the game, and after successfully logging in, turn off the VPN and try to refresh the profile page.

#3. Perform DNS Flush on Device

Either on a computer or on Android, you can do a DNS flush which aims to clear the currently stored DNS cache. And by default the cache will be deleted automatically for 24 hours.

To do a DNS flush, I have also shared a tutorial that has been published in the article How to Clear DNS Cache on All Devices.

This solution will work when the Roblox server changes. So you don’t have to wait 24 hours to get into the game, and you can access it immediately after flushing the DNS.

#4. Reinstall the Roblox App

An outdated version of the app can also cause logging into the game to fail. For that, please check for updates through the Store of each device. If it’s on a computer, I don’t think it’s necessary considering the process of logging in through the browser.

Oh yeah, avoid installing Roblox games from outside the device’s Store, because allowing it is not safe. Especially if you install the version modsurely your game account will be very risky.

Those are just some of the solutions you can do when you can’t log in or log into the Roblox game. Also make sure when logging in, the information you type is correct. And I also suggest connecting and verifying the email address on the account to make it more secure.

If you have other questions regarding the solutions above, or want to add other solutions, you are very welcome to ask them in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck