Solution to Solve the Missing Dolby Audio Program

Dolby Audio is a feature or program on a computer that is used to enhance the sound output of the audio being played. Be it music, movies, and so on. Overall, Dolby provides an equalizer setting that fits all devices, such as headsets or speakers.

If your computer or laptop supports Dolby Audio, of course you can open the program and set things up there. But if you’ve searched everywhere but can’t find the program, it means that Dolby Audio is not installed properly.

For that, this article was created to help you restore the lost Dolby Audio program so that it can be used again to adjust the quality of the sound output.

How to Solve the Missing Dolby Audio Program

Most users experience this after doing a Windows reset or updating the Windows build to the latest version. But there’s no need to worry, because there are two ways what you can do to get Dolby Audio back.

1. Reinstall Audio Driver

During the process of installing the audio driver, usually the Dolby Audio program will also be installed as long as the computer system supports it. And you can find the driver on the website according to the brand of the computer/laptop used.

The audio driver installation process is fast. If the Realtek type, the computer system will first remove the audio driver and then restart to start the installation. So if the speaker icon in the toolbar appears a cross, it means the driver has been successfully removed and is ready for the installation process with the driver you just downloaded.

2. Manually Installing Dolby Audio

Who knows when the audio driver installation process actually only installs FIREonly or not including the application. So that Dolby Audio looks installed just without the program. So there is no other way but to install the program manually.

Immediately please go to the following directory:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Audio\DAX2

Dolby Audio Files to Install

Then double click on the file named dax2_app_release_x64.msi and follow the installation instructions. Of course, the Dolby Audio program will immediately appear on the toolbar after the installation process is complete.

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Alternative to Dolby Audio

There are alternative applications or programs from Dolby Audio that provide almost the same audio quality, namely: Dolby Access. It is a premium Spatial Sound available for all Windows 10 OS.

Dolby Access is not free, but you can try it first as long as 7 days before starting to buy the product. And if you are interested in trying it, please download the application directly through the Microsoft Store.

Once installed, you can activate it by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the toolbar, then clicking menu Spatial Soundand continue selecting Dolby Access.

Hopefully useful and good luck