Solution Unknown Network Error Occurred on Instagram

There are so many obstacles that sometimes appear on Instagram which display errors that can be said to be less accurate. For example, the notification “An unknown network error has occurred”, even though the internet connection is stable and does not experience any problems.

Whether it’s an error from the application or precisely from the Instagram server. However, you can try a few things to work around this. The most important thing now is ensure The internet connection you are using is quite stable.

Because the notification normally appears only when the network or internet connection is unstable so it seems as if the phone can’t connect to the Instagram server. And here are some ways to solve it, please follow starting from the first method.

1. Change Network Type

If you are currently using a 4G network, try temporarily switching to 3G, and vice versa. Of course this will affect the IP address obtained. So if there are problems with the previous IP, it’s possible now it will be normal.

Or you can also use a nearby WiFi network if there is one. But if it’s still the same, please continue the second way.

2. Update Instagram App

An older version of the app can also cause this to happen. For that, try checking for updates on the Play Store or Apps Store to make sure the version of Instagram you are using is up to date.

By using the latest version, it’s possible that you won’t get any errors. And as a suggestion, avoid the app Instagram mod scattered on the internet, because most of them are still using the old version and are also not safe to use.

3. Clear Instagram App Data

Deleting Data on the application will not affect to the account. Because it’s the same reinstall only the application, so later you need to re-login to the account.

Here’s how to delete the Instagram app on an Android phone:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Click the Applications menu.

  3. Tap on Instagram.

  4. Then tap the button Hapus Data.

After that try to log back into the Instagram application. Is the notification gone now?

If deleting data looks complicated, you can also immediately delete the Instagram application and then re-download it on the Play Store or Apps Store.

4. Set Private DNS on Phone

Instead of using a VPN, I prefer to use Private DNS. It is possible that this feature is only available on Android Pie to the top. So by using this Private DNS, you can also open sites that are being blocked by your ISP.

The procedure for setting Private DNS has been explained in the article How to Set Private DNS on Android, please follow it and then check again on the Instagram application whether the problem has been resolved or still remains.

5. Make sure the phone is not restricting network access

Sometimes on a phone there is a default application that can be used to limit network usage to certain applications. Or some kind data saving mode. So make sure to go back to excluding the Instagram app on the feature.

In addition, also make sure you are not using a similar application firewall related to internet connection restrictions on an application.

Meanwhile, from the case I experienced, this kind of problem occurs due to a temporary network error. However it was resolved after I enabled Private DNS. Meanwhile, if this problem occurs on a rooted phone, then I suggest checking the files Hosts on his cellphone, because it allows Instagram server blocking from other applications.

In addition, this problem can also occur due to internal constraints from the Instagram server itself. To be sure, please ask friends or relatives around you about this problem. If they experience it too, then you just need to wait until Instagram solves the problem.

Hopefully useful and good luck