Solve WiFi Saved But Not Connected

There are actually a lot of problems with wifi connectivity, and most of them have an effect due to the wrong configuration of the WiFi router. For example, you can’t connect to the WiFi network and only the words “Saved” appear.

The meaning of the Saved or Saved notification on the WiFi menu on the phone is a sign that SSID or the WiFi name has been saved in the system settings including the password. So you only need to tap when you want to connect and don’t need to enter the password again.

Meanwhile, if the WiFi network don’t want to connect when it is tapped / clicked, then there must be a cause that causes this problem to occur. Whether it’s from the side of the router, or from the side of the phone you’re using. But don’t worry, because this article will review the solution to overcome it.

WiFi Solution Saved But Not Connecting

In many cases, this incident is caused by the router malfunctioning and not from the device side. But you also have to make sure again whether all devices also experience the same thing or just on your cellphone. And if this problem is only on your phone, please follow the easy steps below to solve it.

1. Confirm WiFi Password Back

Wrongly writing one character or type can result in not being able to connect to a WiFi network. One of the most frequent examples is an error in writing the size of a number.

So please double check whether you have set the password correctly on the mobile device? In addition to the “Saved” notification on the WiFi name, you will also receive an “Authentication Problem” notification if you enter the wrong password.

2. Restart Router

Malfunctions on the router can sometimes occur, but the impact is usually on all devices. So please try restarting the WiFi router and check again whether the network can be connected or still.

Restarting the WiFi router can be done via the admin page or pressing the restart button on the router box. Or you can search on Google according to the type of router you are using.

3. Possible Device Blocked

Every device has Mac Address different ones. It is used as an identity when connecting to a WiFi network. If the address is blocked from the router, surely the phone will not be able to connect to the network.

Therefore, please check the router settings, precisely in the Mac Filterring. If Mac Address you are listed there, please remove it and then restart the router again.

If you want to check the Mac Address on your cellphone, please check via Arrangement > About Phone > Status.

4. Try Connecting in Static Mode

Julybe there is an error on the router that causes the device to not be able to connect, one of which is the DHCP setting. If it’s disabled, of course, every device can’t get an IP automatically, so you have to set it manually with Static mode.

To connect in Static mode, you must know several things, including the router’s local IP address and the IP gateway used. And this might be difficult if you’ve never set up WiFi before, but here’s an example:

Alamat IP: (Client)
Subnet Mask:

The above is just an example. So your device will be connected to the tail IP 10and the internet access is obtained from the gateway on the tail IP 1. This setting must match the one on the router in order to fully connect.

Or you can activate the feature DHCP back on the router so that the IP address and gateway can be obtained automatically by all devices that will connect.

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That’s all there are some solutions that you can apply to solve the problem of WiFi that is stored but can’t connect. If what you experience is only a minor problem, of course, just restarting the router this problem will be resolved.

If you have questions or perhaps additional questions regarding some of the solutions listed above, please share them in the comments column below this article.

Hopefully useful and good luck