Solved I Didn’t Get Facebook Confirmation Code To My Phone – Julybe when you want to reset your password or activate 2-factor authentication, you experience an incident where you don’t get a facebook confirmation code?

The emergence, the notification ‘I did not get the confirmation code facebook to my phone’ is often received by FB users. And make them wonder. Why didn’t the confirmation code come in or any other questions about this.

As we know, confirmation codes can be sent in two ways, namely via SMS or telephone calls. This confirmation code also consists of a 6-digit number. So we, FB, are correct in providing security methods for users’ FB accounts.

However, sometimes the mobile number listed does not get the confirmation code as expected. So, the process of changing passwords or activating 2-factor authentication cannot be done.

Here’s a guide on how to solve I don’t get the Facebook confirmation code on my phone. So that FB or FBLite users can continue to change passwords or double security on their Facebook accounts.

How To Solve I Didn’t Get The Facebook Confirmation Code To My Phone

Here is the top solution not getting facebook confirmation code to my phone. Please pay close attention so as not to be wrong in the application.

Checking Related Mobile Numbers

Make sure the number associated with facebook is still active. Not only active, you are also using the number on FB. So, Facebook is not wrong in sending the confirmation code.

To check whether the number is correct, please login to your Facebook account. Then go to the Settings option and Privacy Settings. Select the Settings menu and go to Cellular Settings. Look at the number listed, make sure it’s verified or not. If not? Perform verification

New Number Changed

If a new user changes the number on your Facebook account, the possibility of getting a Facebook confirmation code seems quite long. Because that’s the reason why the confirmation code doesn’t come in.

If you read on the Facebook help center page, then you will know the reason why this can happen. Therefore, please wait until the number can get the 6-digit confirmation code.

Then, if the number is old and still active and but still doesn’t get the facebook confirmation code, how about min?

Solution Not Getting Facebook Confirmation Code to My Phone

Here are the things you need to do if the number is already linked and is still active but still doesn’t get the Facebook confirmation code.

  • Try resending. If you previously used the message method, then use the calling method.
  • Contact the cellular service provider, to inquire whether the number you have linked is registered or not.
  • Make sure that the user did not enter the verification code incorrectly. This can prevent user from getting facebook confirmation code to my phone.
  • Make a text message with the format On or Fb send to 32665 (FBOOK). Wait 1×24 hours until the code can enter.

If all the methods above still don’t work, the last alternative is to log in using another device or computer. Usually by using another device it can make FB back to normal.