SooltanPay Credit Producing Apk, Is it Safe? – Recently, a website appeared at once available in the form of an application that claims to provide rewards pulse for its users. The apk here we mean is SooltanPay or commonly known as MySooltan.

On various platforms, whether it’s the Facebook group, TikTok, Telegram and so on, the SooltanPay apk continues to be said to be able to make money with a minimum withdraw of 10 thousand rupiah.

So, we think the SooltanPay application is quite easy to be able to withdraw a large amount of credit if the player can get a number of coins which can later be exchanged for the credit.

However, before that. Prospective users need to know what a money-making SoultanPay application is. So that, when you use it, you already understand the intent and purpose of why this application can make money.

What is SoultanPay Apk

MySooltan or SooltanPay application is the most complete for SME\MSME businesses. This application made by PT Tekom Indonesia is also a developer with My IndiHome, Usee TV Goo, GO, and so on.

The difference between the MySooltan application and other applications developed by PT Tekom Indonesia Tbk is that this apk is more directed towards the development of lower middle class businesses.

There are various features that you can use in this SooltanPay apk. Be it, top up and billing features, digital payments, and store products. So, it is highly recommended for those of you who need additional income even if you just stay at home.

How to Register SooltanPay

To register on the SooltanPay application that generates credit, it’s actually not that difficult to do. Because it is already available on the official website, you just have to visit it.

  • Please open your favorite browser. Then go to Google Play Store
  • Within the Play Store, type SooltanPay in the Search option.
  • If so, please download and install the SootanPay apk.
  • Open and create a SoultanPay account.
  • Register using email, enter phone number, and password.
  • If everything is done, click Next.
  • After this, the user will be given an OTP code on the associated email or number. Enter the code to start the process of verifying the data.

At this stage the prospective user has successfully created a Mysooltan account in the SooltanPay application. Please follow these steps to start earning money from this apk.

How to Earn Credit on SooltanPay

To want to generate credit in the SooltanPay app, users need to collect a lot of points. For example, you successfully register and get rewards point is 1, then the point must reach the minimum level withdraw in this application, which is 10 points = 10,000 rupiah.

You can get these points in various ways, one of which is inviting friends. In accordance with the event that was recently held by Telkom Indonesia Tbk.

In addition to inviting friends, there are several missions that also provide free credit from the SooltanPay application. The method is also quite easy, complete the tasks that have been given in the application.

Is the SooltanPay Credit-Generating Application Safe and Proven to Pay?

Until this article was written, we have not found any lies from the SooltanPay apk made by Telkom. because, from the information we got, this event has exceeded the registrant quota.

However, from the official website information. The provider will increase the user quota. So that you can take part in this SooltanPay credit sharing event. So don’t be discouraged for those of you who just know now. Because the event will end on 20-02-2022 later.

Therefore, please take advantage of this opportunity to reap as many pulses as possible. So that you also get splashed with the pulse reward. Thank you and hopefully useful.