Spotify Link Shortener: Spotify Link Shortener – When someone is copying a link from the Spotify app, sometimes they feel the copied link is too long and untidy to use. So it appears the intention to shorten the Spotify link.

Actually, how to shorten the Spotify playlist link is not that hard to do, because there are so many websites that provide services to make Spotify links not long.

One Spotify link shortener that is quite easy and free to use is Yep, this site is a url shortener specifically used for links from the Spotify application.

So, what is this Spotify link shortener sptfy dot com? How to shorten spotify playlist link using this site?

To answer the series of questions above, below we will explain the detailed information for you. So, please read to the end to know the full details. Also Read: How to Delete Recently Played on Spotify

Spotify Link Shortener is a link/URL shortening site that gives users access in custom links as desired. Besides that, shorten link You can also use this for free without paying.

Prospective users only need to visit the official website at, and fill in several menus so that the previously long Spotify link can be shortened with the help of the Sptfy website.

As an alternative to bitly, this Spotify link shortener also provides other advantages that are not inferior to other free link shorteners, namely easy access and only for Spotify links. So it is very suitable for the perpetrators of the Spotify application in the country.

How to Shorten Spotify Link via

Well, below we will provide a guide in shortening spotify links/URLs from this site. So, please follow the following guidelines correctly so that you don’t go wrong in your steps.

  • First, open your Android phone or iPhone.
  • Copy Spotify link which you want to shorten.
  • Go to the Browser app then open the website
  • Paste the link spotify link in the column below enter the long spotify URL below. If you have clicked click create URL. Done
  • Users can also modify Spotify links or custom links using the format …../name
  • After doing the above, the previously long links will become shorter and neatly customized. According to the wishes of the maker.
  • Now, users can share the well-modified link to social media accounts or others. The method, copy link shortener spotify it is long enough until the option ‘copy to clipboard’ appears.
  • After perfecting in shortening the Spotify link with the help of sptfy com, all you have to do is share it. Happy! Spotify link shortener has been created successfully.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding the Spotify Link Shortener or how to shorten this Spotify link. Now you know how to change or shorten your Spotify Url link.

You can share to the Instagram application either via InstaStory or share the spotify link in their respective Instagram bios. Because, in that way many people visit the link that has been distributed.

So, the Spotify shortlink activity goes well. make sure you follow the methods that we convey in order. So that users don’t fail in practicing our method share on. Thank you and hopefully useful.