Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura: Here’s How To See It – Are you looking for a way to view Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura? If yes, maybe this article can help you in doing that.

Spotify Wrapped which is present in 2022 does not only summarize songs, genres, and listen to the audio that is playing. But it also brings another support called Audio Aura.

The various songs that are played actually tend to reflect on one’s heart. Until, without realizing it, the choice of audio being played gives the listener something like Audio Aura. Also Read: How to find out other people’s Spotify playlists

Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura

Audio Aura Spotify Wrapped refers to a spectrum display that describes a person’s mood based on song choices. Through this Spotify will show it in a color gradation.

The Spotify audio aura feature is here thanks to a collaboration with a well-known aura reader, Mystic Michaela. This collaboration is finally presented on Spotify Wrapped so that users can also feel the aura of someone Mystic Michaela.

By viewing Audio Aura through the Spotify Wrapped feature, users can also share it to social media accounts. So that others can also enjoy the Spotify service, which has been around since 2022.

How to View Wrapped Audio Aura on Spotify

For Spotify users who want to enjoy this feature, you can follow the steps below to see Wrapped Audio Aura in the Spotify application.

  • First, please run the Spotify app
  • Then, look for the Spotify Wrapped Banner
  • If you don’t find it, please go to the ‘Search’ option.
  • Then type Spotify Wrapped in the column provided.
  • When you find the ‘Spotify Wrapped Banner’, click the Next option (arrow to the right) until ‘Your Aura Audio’ opens.

Now you can see Wrapped Audio Aura on Spotify. If you want to share to your story or social media accounts. Just click ‘Share this story’, then just select a social media service or other option to share. Done

Aura Audio Color Meaning on Spotify

When users view the Wrapped Audio Aura service, we will be shown an image containing gradations of two colors, each of which is considered to represent a person’s mood.

The colors also vary, Spotify with Mystic Michaela divides them into several categories, which include: Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Pink, and Blue. The meaning is as follows.

  • Blue: Emotional and sad
  • Purple: Enthusiastic
  • Oranges: Rebel and brave
  • Green: Calm, analytical and introspective
  • Yellow: Likes to align with goals
  • Pink: Romantic, optimistic about the world, and full of awe

By viewing Audio Aura on Spotify, one can get a deeper sense of who he really is. The service that we feel is quite good as an introspection tool to get to know yourself.

Unfortunately, this Spotify Wrapped feature can only be accessed via an application that you can download on the Apps Store or Play Store for users device Android and iPhone. Julybe the developer will provide the Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura service in 2022. So, please wait for the development.

That’s the information we can convey regarding Spotify Wrapped Audio Aura and how to view it. Hopefully the little information we share is useful for loyal users. That’s all and please try.