Stumbel Guys Released In? This is the answer – Recently, the Stumble Guys game has been played by many people in the country. Unique characters with interesting mainplay make people love this game made by Kitka Games.

At first glance, Stumble Guys isn’t much different from the Fall Guys game. The most striking difference may lie in the playing field. Because Fall Guys is played on PC or PS, while Stumble Guys is on HP.

In addition, not a few Stumble Guys players don’t know what year the Stumble Guys game was released. Even though this game has long been on the Google Play Store and App Store platforms.

Therefore, below we will provide information about what year this stumbel guys was released. So that Stumble Guys players know more about this Multiplayer Royale game. here is the complete information.

Stumbel Guys Released In What Year?

Quoting from the PlayStore app store which provides complete details of the games offered by Kitka Games. Stumble Guys was actually released in 24 September 2022.

This game that has a rating for all ages has arrived at the end of 2022. It has been more or less 2 years this game has been present on the Android HP Play Store page or the App Store for iPhone devices.

From its initial release until now, the Stumbel Guys game has undergone many updates. Even in version 0.37 which was updated on 28 Mar 2022, this game provides interesting features including:

  • Run, dodge and pass the opponent.
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Real multiplayer Battle Royale
  • Lively and has a nice design
  • cute character
  • Many customization options
  • Play play funny.
  • Many different game levels

The point of this Stumbel Guys game is not to fall, destroy the enemy, win and become a champion!.

That’s the information we can convey regarding the release of Stumbel Guys in what year. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for all of you. Especially for Stumble Guys players who don’t know when this game will be released. so and hopefully useful.