Telkomsel 10 Thousand Cheap Package: For Internet – There are various kinds of cheap Telkomsel internet quota packages, one of which is 10 GB at a price of 10 thousand which we discuss in this article.

You can’t access this cheap Telkomsel 10 thousand package on the MyTelkomsel application, but only a special dial code and lucky customers can get it.

Curious about the information regarding this 10K 10GB internet quota? Let’s read the article below until the end to find out the full info! Also Read: Telkomsel Cheap Dial Code 15GB 30K

Telkomsel Cheap Package 10 Thousand

Telkomsel 10 Thousand Cheap Package is an internet package that you can buy for Rp. 10,000 only. With accumulated 10GB quota that can be accessed on Telkomsel’s 4G\3G\2G network.

You can also use this cheap quota for a full 24 hours without a time limit. With the provision of only 7 days of quota usage, we can say that this is very cheap.

Well, below we will provide information on how to activate this cheap Telkomsel package for the internet. So that Tsel users can also enjoy this regular internet quota.

How to Activate Cheap Telkomsel 10 Thousand Internet Package

As we explained above, you cannot activate this package using the MyTelkomsel application, but using the UMMB dial. Curious about the dial code? Check out the details and steps below.

  • First, go to the Phone Application on your Android or iPhone.
  • Then, type the dial code *363*333#.
  • There will be several package options, including 1GB Rp. 1k, 5GB Rp. 5k and 10gb 10k.
  • Please select the third option, which is ’10GB 10k’.
  • Then, a description will appear to be able to buy this 10 thousand 10gb internet package. Select the ‘1.Buy’ option to purchase it.
  • Wait for the notification message that provides an explanation regarding the package. If the package is successfully activated, there will be a statement that the cheap 10 thousand 10gb internet package can be used. Happy!

Information About Telkomsel 10K 10GB Internet Package

This 10,000 internet quota at a price of 10GB is a promo package presented by Telkomsel for special customers. Only selected customers can enjoy Tsel’s cheap internet access.

This internet package is a promo package that cannot be extended and can change at any time. It depends on the policy issued by the Telkomsel Indonesia provider card manager.

For only 10 thousand rupiah, Telkomsel card customers can get a 10GB internet quota that can be used on all Tsel networks for 24 hours, + bonus calls for 30 minutes to other operators.

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Julybe that’s the information we can convey regarding this cheap Telkomsel 10 thousand package. Hopefully some of the information we share is useful for you. especially for Telkomsel customers who are looking for cheap quotas. That’s all and please try.