Telkomsel 15gb 30k promo, here’s how to register – The Telkomsel provider again provides a new offer to its loyal customers, by bringing up the Telkomsel 15gb 30 thousand package which can be found via the Telkomsel application or dial code.

The Telkomsel 15gb 30 thousand package is actually an old internet package that has appeared since 2022, 2022. Then in 2022, this package that is included in the monthly category at a low price is active again.

For customers who are curious about the Telkomsel 15GB 30K combo package, whether it’s how to activate it, or the terms and conditions of this package, you can read this article to the end to find out the complete information.

Telkomsel Promo 15GB 30RB

As stated in the title above, Telkomsel’s 15gb 30k internet quota is a promo that is only given to Telkomsel card customers who are lucky to get it.

Packages that fall into the allnet category can be said to be Telkomsel’s cheap packages. In addition to getting a quota of 15GB, users only need to spend 30 thousand to buy it. On average, we only spend Rp. 2,000\ 1GB. Cheap right?

Not only cheap, users are also given a bonus call for 30 minutes to fellow Telkomsel (onnet). So, in addition to getting cheap quota promos, users can also use the bonuses they get to make calls to fellow Telkomsel card users.

Like other All Net quotas, you can use this 15GB Telkomsel quota on all internet networks, be it 2G, 3G or 4G throughout Indonesia. So, this is not a local quota that can only be used in your city.

Package Details 15GB 30RB 30 days Telkomsel

The following are the complete details of this 30 thousand 15gb Telkomsel package, from the amount of quota, active period, bonus, and price.

  • Package: Telkomsel Internet
  • Quota: 15GB
  • Bonus: 30 Minute Calls to Telkomsel
  • Active Period: 30 Days
  • Price: IDR 30,000
  • Network: 2G, 3G, 4G throughout Indonesia

Information: If there has been an active package before, then this package will be active after the first package quota runs out. And if the quota runs out before the 30-day active period, the normal tariff will be applied.

How to Register for 30 Thousand Telkomsel 15GB Package

For customers who want to know how to activate the Telkomsel 15gb 30 thousand package, there are two ways you can try, namely from the MyTelkomsel application or via a dial code. Here are the steps.

1. Telkomsel 15gb 30k package via Application

  • Enter the Telkomsel application along with the number you want to register.
  • If you don’t have the application, please download it here.
  • After successful login, please type ’15GB’ in the search field.
  • Then a variety of Telkomsel internet packages will appear that you can buy.
  • Please select the ’15GB 30ribu’.
  • If so, follow the instructions until you successfully buy one of these Telkomsel allnet packages.

2. Telkomsel Dial Code 15gb 30k

You can also buy this package, via the Telkomsel 2022 cheap package code 15gb 30 thousand. The method:

  • Open your Android phone, then click the Phone app
  • Next, type dial *363*20# then Dial\OK
  • Telkomsel internet package offers will appear, including 15gb 30k 30 days which we are discussing. Please follow the instructions to completion to be able to purchase the package.
  • Done

Those are two ways to activate the Telkomsel 15Gb 30 thousand package promo, make sure before buying the credit package you have sufficient credit and are not in debt to the Telkomsel card manager.

Telkomsel 15GB Package Not Appearing

When trying to buy this package, sometimes we find people who can’t find the package, either when using the dial code or the MyTelkomsel application.

Keep in mind, this is a promo package provided by Telkomsel for certain customer numbers. So, if you don’t find it then maybe you’re not one of the lucky customers to get it.

In addition to this Telkomsel 15gb internet, we also have alternative cheap Telkomsel packages that you might try. The price is also quite cheap, which is 10 thousand with a 10GB quota, please check the link for details.

That’s the information we can convey regarding this Telkomsel 15Gb 30 thousand quota promo. Please use the method above if you are curious to buy one of the latest 2022 Telkomsel cheap packages. That’s all and good luck.