Telkomsel 2022 Cheap Package || Latest Telkomsel Cheap Package Dial Code

Latest Telkomsel Cheap Packages 2022, cheap packages are certainly much sought after by Telkomsel users.

Cheap packages are indeed the target of Telkomsel users, by using cheap packages we can save a little more of our credit, of course.

There are several dial codes that you usually use, but not all Telkomsel cards can use this dial code.

Usually it depends on whether the card is magic or not, usually the menu will open but the package will be different.

But what’s wrong, my friend, you can try some of the dial codes that Mimin will share at this time.

The newest cheap Telkomsel internet package is

If your card is lucky, you can type *363# then you will get a cheap package like the picture below

Not all cards have a menu like the one above, usually only certain cards can get this cheap package. I can say it’s also possible to have a promo, friend.

For the next dial code ;

*363*20# If you are lucky, you will get a cheap Telkomsel internet package, in this menu we will get some cheap packages from Telkomsel

One of the menus in this dial code, if you are lucky, you will get 14GB for 35 thousand rupiah for 30 days.

Then in the next menu there are also borrowed packages or emergency packages. Usually if your card is lucky, there will also be a borrowed package menu in the dial code above.

For the next menu, you will get an internet package of 11GB at a price of around 33 thousand rupiah for 30 days, friend.

Then if you are lucky, you will also get a cheap 4G package, please just try it for the dial code above, who knows, you are lucky, friend.

But not all of the dial codes above can use the dial code, but what’s wrong if you try it.

Then the next dial code that you can try is the dial code *363*60#. If your card is lucky, you will get the latest Telkomsel cheap package menu.

Then the next dial code is *363*369# The next dial code that you can try is the dial code above, usually the lucky ones can get a cheap Telkomsel package.

So, if you want another cheap package, you can directly use the Telkomsel application, bro

So that you can see cheap promo packages on the Telkomsel application

That’s a little discussion about Telkomsel’s cheap packages, hopefully it’s useful and thank you