How to Get Telkomsel 2022 Cheap Package

Internet is one of the needs that support for daily activities,

It can be said that it is a basic need for everyone, because some people use the internet for online work, business and for mutual communication

With this internet, surely most of them want some cheap packages, especially for Telkomsel users,

By getting a cheap package, it will automatically save our sound expenses, especially for now, there are a lot of people who work only with the internet,

Many Telkomsel users are certainly looking for a cheap Telkomsel package dial code, who doesn’t want that!! H

Minin also wants you know, now this time Mimin will discuss some cheap Telkomsel package dial codes which of course you can try,

Sharing this dial code usually has a difference because depending on your card, the dial code usually has a different menu on each card.

But at least we can also try it, usually it depends on the magic card or not

Some dial codes that you can try this time are:

First dial code


Type the dial code above, in the call menu for Telkomsel users, as and sympathy,

You can try the dial code, to get a cheap Telkomsel package,

Which in the dial code, my friend can get 14GB for 34 thousand rupiah / 30 days, friend, that’s in the first position

Then in the second position, you can get a Telkomsel quota of 11GB for only 31 thousand rupiah/30 days

Then usually there is also a 4G package, my friend, but the dial code above doesn’t work for all Telkomsel cards, friend, usually it just depends on the magic card or not,

Then if you are lucky, there will be a 4G internet menu that you can use,

Please make friends who are lucky, just choose which package you will choose,

Usually it also depends on your location, whether the menu is different or not,

Then for the next dial code,,,

Buddy can type the dial code *363*60# click click on call menu,

And my friend will get some other cheap packages,

Well to look like the image below,

That is the MAX internet package that you can use,

For the first one, you can choose the one that suits your heart, you want to choose the menu with the fall number

And this dial code also doesn’t work for all Telkomsel cards, bro, but what’s wrong if you try it,

Then for the next dial code that you can use is *363*369#

Which in this menu you will get an internetmax package like the example below:

Well, my friend, just adjust it for the package that will be selected, friend,

In addition, for the next cheap package, you can try the dial code *363*11# then you will be given a Telkomsel cheap package,

Now, but in this dial code, it is only valid around 12 pm to 6 am, friend, you can say the Telkomsel night package,

Like the example menu below:

It’s very cheap and but it can be used only at night,

Very suitable for friends who like to stay up late, friend,

For the next dial code, you can try *363*60#, there you will also get various cheap Telkomsel packages, friend,

Usually not all cards can use it, now for the menu itself it’s like below

then there is also a dial code that you need to try, friend, *363,10 # now in this dial code, you will get 6 GB for 30 days, at a price of about 25 thousand rupiah, as an example in the image below

Okay, for the next dial code, the dial code for the mura telkomsel daily package

You can try this dial code, my friend, and maybe some cards can’t use this filter, friend,

You can type *363*47# then you will get a cheap Telkomsel daily package, please click the call menu on your cellphone,

Then you will be given several menus as below:

Now, my friend, just choose which package you want to use, for the next dial code, you can type the dial code *363*3#, click the call menu, then you will also get some cheap Telkomsel package menus,