Telkomsel 50K OMG Internet Package – For customers who are looking for an OMG Telkomsel internet package priced at 50 thousand, you are on the right site. Because on this occasion we will provide information related to this.

The OMG internet package is one of the products offered by the Telkomsel cellular provider. This OMG data product can be used by pre-customers to access various chat applications, social media, and online streaming.

There are various kinds of OMG internet quota offers that you can get, one of which is this cheap OMG Telkomsel monthly package. The following is a complete detailed information.

Internet OMG Telkomsel 50K

Internet OMG 50rb is one of the packages of various internet quota packages that are presented on the product Oh My Gigabytes (OMG) Telkomsel. This package has a fairly long active period of 30 days.

In addition to having an active period of 1 month, OMG 50k Telkomsel also presents a fairly large quota, namely 4GB + 1GB OMG, which can be used to access Disney+ Hotstar for 30 days.

However, users can also use it for streaming, downloading, browsing and even playing social media applications that you want to open. Be it, WhatApp, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and others.

This 50k OMG Telkomsel internet package can also change according to the quota zone you are currently in. Prices can be lower or higher depending on where you currently live.

To see a list of OMG packages according to zoning, you can use dial *363*46# or go to the following link to see the list. The link is a link

How to Register for the 50Rb Omg Telkomsel Internet Package

For those of you who want to buy a cheap 4GB +1GB OMG OMG package with an active period of one month. Please follow these steps:

  • First, please open your Android or iPhone cellphone, then enter the dial code *363#
  • Next, please select the Combo Sakti & Others option.
  • Then, click on the ‘More’ option.
  • After that, select the option ‘Other monthly plans’.
  • If so, click ‘Monthly Internet OMG! other’.
  • At this stage, potential buyers of the 50k telkomsel omg internet will be offered various OMG packages, which include 15GB & 1GB CloudMax + 2GB OMG, 30GB & 2GB OMG, 6GB & 2GB OMG, 4GB & 1GB OMG, 60GB & 2GB OMG, and others.
  • Please choose the 4GB & 1GB OMG option to buy this cheap OMG package for 50k.
  • Follow the instructions for further details to be able to purchase this Telkomsel internet package.

That’s how to register for a cheap 50k OMG Telkomsel internet package using a dial code. Make sure that your credit is sufficient to purchase OMG internet quota along with the VAT borne by the buyer.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the OMG Telkomsel RP data quota. 50,000 of these. Please use the method above to activate this package.

If someone asks about the internet OMG Telkomsel 50ribu how many GB? Then please answer 4GB & 1GB OMG. Thank you and hopefully useful.