Termux Solution Can’t Access Memory Card

Termux is a terminal application on Android that can run all Linux commands. Even if the phone is not rooted, this application can also be used to install packages. While there are currently many similar terminal applications, Termux is one of the most popular.

There is actually only one problem with Termux, which is not being able to access the memory card. And this actually only happens on some types of cellphones. So when trying to go to the memory card directory, it says “permission denied“.

From the notification, it can be concluded that the problem is caused by permissions to the memory card. And normally, Termux will give storage permission dialog on the screen. But on some phones, the dialog doesn’t appear.

Solving Termux Cannot Access Memory Card

The solution is very simple, you only need to manually allow storage access to the Termux application. It can be done in the app’s settings, and here’s the complete how-to:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Tap menu Application.

  3. Select Termux Application.

    Choose Termux

  4. Then scroll down and tap on the section Permission or Permissions.

    Tap the Permissions menu

  5. Then tap on the Storage.

    Solving Termux Cannot Access Memory Card

  6. And set it as allow.

    Termux Solution Can't Access Memory Card

After doing the steps above, try re-entering the Termux application and access the memory card, surely now you can and no notification appears permission denied again.

On some phones it may have slightly different menu to go to the application permissions section. And the above method is applied to the cellphone Samsung. But for sure, the permissions option is always there in the application settings.

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The problem with not being able to access the memory card on Termux is related to denied storage permissions. Either it’s not showing up the dialog, or wrongly pressing deny when that permissions dialog pops up.

And the solution is to allow manually on app settings. That way you can access the memory card and manage its contents. such as changing files, deleting, and others.

If you have difficulty implementing the steps above, please comment on the problem, and I will help to make it easier.

Hopefully useful and good luck