The Add Adsense Account Menu Doesn’t Appear

Hello online friends, see you again, Mimin’s article, this time Mimin will discuss the cause of the Add Adsense Account menu not appearing.

As the world of technology develops, it is not surprising that nowadays we can make money from the internet, one of which is YouTube or blogs.

On youtube itself we can develop our videos and can make money with google adsense. Not even that through blogs we can make money on google adsense.

Now before further discussion, we will discuss what Google Adsense is, Adsense itself is a CPC (cost-per-click)-based advertising program that allows YouTube or blog owners to make money on this advertising.

Google adsense itself will bring up our income menu from blogs or from youtube, so there are currently a lot of content creators who make youtube and this blog.

From this google adsense we will be paid if we already have a blog or youtube channel, for the requirements of the youtube channel itself, when we want to register google adsense we must have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, while for the blog itself, the free version of the blog spot usually requires 6 months with high traffic, you can only register with Google Adsense.

From google adsense, we will get payday money if it reaches 100 $ then we will automatically get our income from youtube or blog content. we will discuss in this article.

Now for those of you who are beginners who may still be confused why the add account menu on google adsense doesn’t appear, don’t worry, here are some things you might need to know. Okay, like what I experienced, when the income on adsense only reached 120, thousand rupiah, the menu added an account it doesn’t appear.

After it appears, you can add the account that you want to create to receive this Adsense salary, and then our account number will be sent a unique code for verification.

So the term is if the adsense balance is still below 200 thousand, usually the menu add an adsense account will not appear. And it appears after our balance reaches 200,000 will appear, that’s my experience

Thus the discussion of the cause of the menu add an adsense account does not appear, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.