The difference between BRImo and BRI Mobile Applications? This is the answer – Switching the BRI Mobile application to BRImo is a puzzle for its users. The reason is, they do not know what is the difference between the BRImo application and BRI Mobile.

Based on personal experience. In addition to differences in the appearance, BRImo also brings many improvements. For example, in the old version of the BRI Mobile application, I often experience blocked accounts for no reason.

However, the current version of the BRImo application can be downloaded on the Google Play platform. Rarely do I find my username blocked.

So, is that the only difference between BRImo and BRI Mobile, min? Is there anything else?

Actually, there are a lot of differences between the two applications made by the Bank Rakyat Indonesia company. For clarity, we have included it in a short paper below. Also Read: Error Service Response Data not Success at BRImo

Differences between BRImo and BRI Mobile Applications

Basically, the functions of these two applications are very different, namely as a transaction tool and so on. However, there are several things that are the difference between BRI Mobile and BRImo.

For example. The old version of BRI Mobile carries two transaction methods, namely via online and offline. As for BRImo, it only uses the line network course, aka the internet.

We think this refers to the activities of people who often carry out online activities to do something. So, BRI innovates to focus more on online transactions only.

In addition to more views user friendlythe BRImo application is also equipped with various new features, such as:

  • Features take money to ATM without Debit card.
  • TopUp E-Payment DANA, OVO, GoPay, LinkAja, and ShopeePay
  • Top up credit, electricity tokens, and data packages.
  • View account history for 1 year
  • Save history data in PDF format
  • History data can be shared to the WA application
  • Can LogIn using only fingerprint (fingerprint)
  • Transfer between BRI and other bank accounts.
  • Top up BRIZZI via NFC
  • Credit payments and installments, such as: FIF, OTO, WOM.
  • Donations: YBM BRI, Dompet Dhuafa.
  • Credit Card Payment, Standard Chartered, BRI, Citibank, DBS, HSBC.
  • Purchase of Train tickets
  • Offline payment using QR code
  • Transfer or pay via BRI virtual account number (BRIVA)
  • Pay insurance, Prudential, BRI Insurance, There is a financial record feature.
  • Bill payments, Pay PDAM, Telkom, Transvision Cable TV.
  • Deposit account opening

That is the function of the BRImo application. The list above can also be an advantage of the BRI Mobile replacement application.

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This is the information that we can convey regarding the differences between BRImo and BRI mobile. With the information above, we think it is enough to make users understand. Thank you and hopefully useful.