The Easiest Way to Watch IPTV on Windows 10

There are lots of IPTV services on the internet, even from Indonesian servers, there are also many that sell in online stores. Some of them provide free trial access to find out which channel they have on the service before starting to buy it.

Usually when you subscribe, you will be given access in the form of a link or an email link which has the M3U file format, but some people are confused about playing it, so there is no way to try the service.

But don’t worry, because here I will share the easiest way to watch IPTV on a Windows 10 computer. Of course this is requires a third party programbut it is guaranteed that you will get excellent comfort in watching all channels without any obstacles.

Tutorial Watching IPTV on Windows 10

Actually there are several popular video player programs that also support streaming files in the M3U format, for example like VLC Player, it’s just that in my opinion it’s not very good at streaming.

So here I suggest installing an application called Universal IPTV. Please install the application via Microsoft Store. And if it has been installed, please follow the steps below to use the application and start watching the available channels.

  1. Open Universal IPTV.

  2. Click icon Arrangement bottom left.

    Click Settings Icon

  3. Then paste the M3U URL in the column provided.

    How to Watch IPTV on Windows 10

  4. Then click the button Refresh.

  5. Wait for the loading process to complete.

  6. When you’re done, go back to Home and make sure all the channels appear.

  7. To watch it, click on a channel. Then wait for the streaming process to start.

This application is very light to use, and can even load directly from M3U files, aka not only from URLs. And even though this app have ads in it, but it’s not annoying and only appears on the Home section only.

Minimum Internet Speed ​​Required

If a channel presents video with resolution HDso 10Mbps it should be enough to play it without it buffering. Meanwhile for videos with resolution Full HDwill definitely require a higher speed, approx 20Mbps so smooth.

Some IPTV services also provide video with a resolution of SD, which is good to watch when internet speed is not stable. But also know that whether or not a stream is smooth also depends on the stability of the IPTV server itself.

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Why An IPTV Channel Only Loads When Playing?

This problem is usually present only on some channels, where the server is experiencing problems and not because of the device you are using. The solution is to contact the IPTV service and tell them that there are channels that cannot be watched.

Even if the IPTV service you are using has several country servers, please choose the Asian one so that the latency you get is smaller and of course watching a stream doesn’t have to wait for time buffering the old one, like changing channels.

Hopefully useful and good luck