The newest tiktok dj 2022 which is going viral

The newest tiktok dj that is going viral. There are many tiktok djs that are trending and are much sought after.

Tiktok is an application that provides various short videos and various interesting features for its users.

Many users like this application, many features are available in this application, one of which is shop. And can do live streaming.

Many popular songs have appeared in this application, dj tiktok is often sought after because dj tiktok is indeed the most viral at this time.

Here’s a list of the latest viral dj tiktok that many have made viral tiktok pauses, you know.

1.Dj mask indian tujhe jana sanam

This dj is currently popular, which you can get on the tiktok application, this dj is widely used in preset or capcut versions. broken angel

You can also get the broken angel dj on tiktoo, this dj, the same as above, is widely used with the Pausg Jedug version, which is viral on tiktok.

3. dj jelebi baby

The next viral dj is dj jelebi babay dj inj is also viral for now.

4. dj when later

This dj is also popular on tiktok, with singers from tri asylum

5.djucil arrow romance

The next tiktok dj that is going viral is dj fvnky, so for those of you who like jedug, you can use this dj.

6.Dj but but

The next dj that is going viral is a dj but but, you can get this dj on tiktok, friend, a lot of people use this song for your pause.

7. Dj first you promised to bring Aisyah Maimunah

This dj is also a hit, friend, you can get this dj on the tiktok application, click on the tiktoknay application and select it in the search menu, just type dj, you promise to bring aisyah. surely you will find a song with the dj above. will you feel

This dj is also viral on tiktok, friend. Well, most of these djs are made pauses

That’s the newest tiktok dj that is going viral in 2022, friend.

Now, the beginner jedug editing application, for those of you who want to quickly edit the jedug pause, you can use the capcut application.

We can make this application pause without bothering us to edit, friend. We just have to prepare a photo and select the template that you want to use.

Click on the photo section then select the preview menu and the pause will immediately become friends.

That’s the discussion of the latest dj tiktok which is going viral in 2022, don’t forget to stop by at Mimin’s other articles, check it out here