The Perfect Way to Create a School Absence Permit

Attendance or the presence of students in teaching and learning events is one of the supporting values ​​for the overall evaluation of students. For this reason, it is very important to keep the level of absenteeism or attendance at school well maintained. However, sometimes undesirable things such as illness require students not to be able to participate in learning activities at school, or there are needs or programs that cannot be abandoned. So, to ensure that absences from school are properly recorded, students are required to provide information to the school describing the reasons for not attending the learning event.

Of course, how to create a statement not attending school has been taught at school, but not a few students forget or do not pay attention so that some students do not know how to create a certificate of not attending school properly and correctly. A certificate of absence from school or permission to not attend a learning event at school, including an official letter, so that the use of grammar and punctuation is very important to note.

Making a School Permit of course has a function to provide information that the person involved is unable to go to school due to certain reasons such as being sick or having family needs that cannot be left behind. If a student does not attend due to illness, it is important to attach a doctor’s certificate along with a letter of permission to not attend this school, so here is the pattern for making a certificate of not attending school properly and correctly:

Example 1 Permit Not Entering School

Yogyakarta, 15 July 2022

Mr/Mrs Teacher Homeroom 12 IPA A
SMU 1 Yogyakarta

Yours faithfully,
I hereby parent/guardian of:

Name : Amanda Octavia Nirmala
Student : Class 12 IPA A SMUN 1 Yogyakarta
Address : Jl. Gejayan 302, Yogyakarta

Notifying that my child above is unable to take lessons as usual today, Monday 15 July 2022 due to illness. Therefore, please, Mr / Mrs Teacher of Class 12 IPA A, give permission.
Thus the letter of permission I made, for the protection of permission and wisdom, Mr. / Mrs. Homeroom Teacher, I thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,


Hadi Purnama

Example 2 Permit Not Entering School

Yogyakarta , July 15, 2022

To: Dear Mr/Mrs Teacher homeroom 4c

SMKN 2 Yogyakarta

In place

Yours faithfully
I am the parent of a student named:

Name : Kurniawan Dwi Prasetya
Class : 4c SMKN 2 Yogyakarta
Address: Jln. Magelang – Jogja no 20a Yogyakarta

Notifying that my child is unable to go to school and attend lessons as usual today, Monday 15 July 2022 because there are family needs that my child cannot afford to leave. Therefore, please, the teacher gives permission and understands it. Thus this letter I made, for the attention and time that the teacher gave, I thank you.

Yours faithfully

( Signature )

(Dwi Susatya)