The solution for this feature temporarily cannot be accessed – Users of the Dana application, may have received notifications that provide information about some inaccessible features that cause failure in transactions.

The notification that this feature is temporarily unable to be accessed in this Fund appears because there is a problem in the digital money wallet application offered by PT Espay Debit Indonesia Koe.

These problems also vary, for example not being able to purchase credit, PLN tokens, quotas, paying BPJS, transfers to fellow Fund users, bank transfers and transaction activities in other Dana applications.

Therefore, below, we will provide information about the purpose of the notification, while this feature cannot be accessed by Dana, along with the solution. Please see more detailed information below.

For the time being, this feature cannot be accessed. Funds

If the user of the Dana digital money wallet finds a notification that this feature is temporarily inaccessible, then this can mean that this application is experiencing problems or error.

This feature error cannot be accessed in the Fund, this is usually focused on transaction problems through the Dana application only. So, if you use another application and are redirected to the Dana apk, then the warning has no effect.

Therefore, users of the Dana application need to know that if they receive a temporary warning that the feature cannot be accessed from Dana, then this indicates that this application is experiencing problems. error or there is a problem.

So, is there a way to solve the error while the feature cannot be used in the Dana min application? To answer this, please see the full description below.

How to Overcome This Feature Can’t Be Accessed in the Dana Application

Fund users need to know, the warning that this feature is temporarily inaccessible is not permanent or can change at any time. So, the solution that we provide if you are facing this problem is to wait until normality returns.

Errors in the Dana application, usually can return to normal within 1×24 hours (a day and a night). So, please wait until transactions in the Dana application can be carried out again.

So that we know when it is normal, please check regularly. Can do every 30 minutes, 1 hour, or as needed. The point is that the user checks whether or not transactions can be made on the internet e-payment it is re-used.

If you’ve been waiting a day and a night but there’s still no change, please contact customer service Funds such as via email [email protected], WA Dana 08191500445, or telephone at 1500 445.

Dana is a digital money wallet that is quite widely used by Indonesian people for various online transaction needs. So, there must be such a thing as a problem when used.

Keep calm and find out the reason why this problem can occur, such as in the notification that this feature is temporarily unavailable to Dana. Follow the guide above to be able to solve the problem. Thank you and hopefully useful.