The TikTok Effect is Often Used by the Latest Celebrities

The TikTok effect is often used by the latest celebgrams in 2022, the tiktok filter is not inferior to the Instagram filter, the tiktok filter is also often used by celebgrams.

Besides the Instagram effect, the tiktok effect is also busy being used by celebrities on tiktok, the Instagram and tiktok filters are actually almost the same, friend, now this is for friends who like to use the tiktok celebrity effect.

The first step for those of you who want to see the tiktok effect is, go to the tiktok application then click the (+) sign, now you can click on the effects section then there will be a tiktok effect that you can use.

Here are some tiktok filters that are often used by celebrities.


A tiktok filter with a glowing effect, this filter is widely used by celebrities, with a glowing effect, getting the filter is quite easy, my friend.

Open your tiktok application then click on the search menu, type the name of the filter, which is “disposable” then you can click on the search section. So if you find a disposable effect, just click on the effect, if you don’t find the effect, just choose one of the videos that uses this effect.

Then just click on the effect menu section, then we will be taken to the effect homepage, to use the effect please just click “use this effect” and if you want to save just click the save menu in the playlist.

This tiktok filter is like a glowing effect, you can try it, friends, for those of you who can’t get the filter, try updating the tiktok application, friend.


This Instagram pinch to zoom filter is also widely used by celebrities, this filter can be said to be a zoom effect using hands, so only by using our hands can we move this effect, whether it’s forward or backward, this filter is currently viral, my friend.

To get the filter, it’s actually the same as the discussion above, just open your tiktok then my friend goes to the search menu, just type “pinch to zoom” then click search. Well, but there are also those who can’t use this effect, friend, sometimes it also depends on the specifications of the cellphone each.

Then click on the video that uses this zoom effect, then click on the filter section on the bottom left, then we will be taken to the filter menu, click on use this effect if you want to try the effect, if you want to save you can click on the label that is saved in favorites .


The current viral tiktok filter that is widely used by celebrities is body zoom, this effect moves to follow our body, my friend, and recently this effect is also going viral.

This filter is also not inferior to pinch to zoom which we discussed above, this filter is also trending for now.

For friends who want to try it is quite easy.

Make sure your tiktok is updated, friend, just open your titkok application and type in body zoom, then click search then you will find the filter.

Click on the use this effect section to try the effect, and click on the save favorites section to save the filter

This effect follows our body movements, friends, and is currently trending and is widely used, now when we use this viral effect, surely our videos will not lose to enter FIP TikTok.


The tiktok filter with a focus on the face is also red, friend, you can use this filter for the tiktok application, this folder is also widely used by celebrities

To try the filter, make sure it’s updated for your tiktok, friend, then you go into the search menu then type the name of the titkok effect.

Click on the use this effect section if you want to try it, and click on save to favorites if you want to save the filter

Thus the discussion of the tiktok effect is often used by celebrities, hopefully it will be useful and thank you