Tiktok Filters That Are Viral Now 2022

The currently viral tiktok filter that you can get

In addition to the Instagram filter, the tiktok filter is also viral on Instagram, so how do you get the viral tiktok filter.

Here’s how to get a viral tiktok filter now,

First open the Tiktok application, go to the camera section and select the effects section,

Then my friend checks the trending effects section.

Here’s a list of viral tiktok effects now

1)Christmas Ball

A tiktok filter with a christmas effect that you can use, to look for it, just go to the tiktok application section.

2) lovely love effect

This effect has an interesting feature that is on the cheek, for girls,2 who want to get the filter just open your tiktoo application and click the search menu, type the name of the effect then select a video that uses this effect, then click on the filter menu section. .click the menu use this effect.


Effects with scary faces that you can get on tiktok, even this effect is also viral on Instagram, to get it, click the search icon then type the name of the filter, and click the search menu then select a video that uses this effect, then click the effects menu. and if you want to use the filter please click on the menu use this sound.

4) Hairpins

Effects using colorful pin effects that are viral again, my friend can also use this effect by clicking the search menu and typing the name of the effect as above then, select a video that uses this effect. click the effect and then select the menu use this effect


The aesthetic effect makes glowing faces that are viral, those who want to use the effect can try the method above

6) Pich To zoom Efek effect

the effect with the zoom feature using the hand is again viral. The way this effect works is simply to move your hand, then this filter will follow the movement of your hand.

7) SLOW ZOOM effect

The effect with the slow zoom feature means that it can zoom but with slow motion which is still viral on tiktok, and to use this effect, just search for the effect in the search menu.

8) Self Effect

This effect is a glowing, red effect, which is also viral on tiktok.

9) White Tea

A tiktok effect with an effect that can turn white, this effect can make the face white.

10) Ask tiktok

The effect with the above writing effect that we can make for the question

That’s the discussion of some Instagram filters that are viral on tiktok. Hopefully it’s useful and thank you

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