Tiktok Slow Zoom Effect Tutorial

Assalamualikum, friends, meet again with Mimin, this time Mimin will discuss the slow zoom point effect or we can say the slow zoom effect which is viral on Tiktok. This effect is also viral on Instagram, friend.

The version on Instagram with the smooth zoom effect version has been discussed in the previous article.

This slow zoom tiktok filter uses a zooming effect on the face with the slomo version.

This filter is much sought after and used by celebrities on TikTok, so for those of you who want to get it on the Instagram filter, you can check it here, okay?

This Instagram filter with a slow zooming effect is also viral along with the hand zoom ig effect and the hand zoom tiktok filter.

The hand zoom version has also been discussed in the previous article.

Actually, there are lots of zoom versions of tiktok effects like this, but only a few are viral, bro.

So, how do you get an ig filter with this slow tap zoom effect.

Here are the steps for friends who want to try this effect on tiktok.

1. Open your tiktok application, then make sure your tiktok is updated, sometimes there are also some users who can’t use this effect. usually depends on the specifications of the cellphone, friend

2.click on the search menu then type the keyword “slow zoom”

3. if you can’t find the filter, please just select one of the videos in the search, click on the video and click on the tiktok effect section.

4. Then it will be taken to various videos that use these effects, please try it, please, my friend can click on the menu section to use this effect.

5. then to save please click on the label icon above, click save then a saved menu will appear, and to see the effects that we have saved just click on our tiktok profile menu and select in the menu such as labels then select the effects menu.

Then the effects that we save are in the menu.

In addition to the above, you can also get other zoom effects such as pinch to zoom and smooth zoom.

Sharing a filter that is viral on TikTok will also go viral on Instagram and vice versa, if it is viral on Instagram, it will also go viral on TikTok.

That’s why in this article, Mimin will discuss the two that are viral, friend. Make sure you keep reading Mimin’s articles and you can also see Mimin’s channel on Mimin’s YouTube, friends.

The tiktok smooth zoom effect is also vira dintiktok in addition to the slow zoom effect, to get the same effect as above.

If you can’t use or find the filter, please, buddy, you can update the tiktok application.

That’s how to get the latest viral slow zoom tiktok effect, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.

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