Tiktok UV Viral Effect Now 2022

Assalamualikum online friends, this time the admin will discuss how to get the tiktok UV viral tiktok 2022 effect, the purple color tiktok effect that many are looking for and used in this tiktok application.

The UV tiktoo effect is an effect with a purple or purple background that is currently viral on tiktok, even this UV effect is also trending on tiktok.

The UV effect itself usually uses a song that is again viral titkok, namely your song, itchy, itchy, this latest viral tiktok.

not only on tiktok, you can also get this UV effect on instagram, this UV effect is indeed very interesting with a purple color effect and many tiktok users are looking for.

You can also get this viral titkoo UV effect on tiktok very easily. To get this UV tiktok effect, it’s as follows:

First open your tiktok application, then make sure your tiktok is updated so you can use this UV effect

Then go to the (+) sign, select the effect on the left and look for trending effects.

Search by the name of the UV effect, to try it, you can click on the effect section, or in the menu section use this effect.

Furthermore, my friend, just make a video, it will automatically be done using this UV effect.

That’s for the first way if you want to get a UV effect through the tiktok effect menu. Then there is still a second way that you can get, for the second way.

Log in to your tiktok account, then pay attention to the search menu,

In the search menu, you can type in the UV keyword.

Next select the part of the video that uses the UV effect.

click on the effect and your friend will automatically be taken directly to the effect

Then just choose to use this effect

Then you will automatically be able to use the UV effect.

To save the UV inj effect, you can pay attention to the menu section such as the label in the effect section, click on the emnu label, the effect will automatically be saved on your tiktok.

To check whether the effect has been received, my friend can go to your profile section, then click on the label section and scroll to find the effect and you will find the effect that we saved earlier, friend.

In addition to the UV effect, there are also some viral effects on tiktok, here are some tiktok effects that are viral now in 2022.


This effect is also trending and viral on tiktok, many users are looking for this effect, to find this effect is very easy, just enter the search menu, type keywords with visible words, then click the search menu and select a video that uses this effect then click on the effect menu and it will be brought to the menu of the effect, to use this effect, just select in the menu use this effect.


this effect is also widely used and enjoyed on tiktok, to get this effect you can also follow the method as discussed above in this article. or you can directly search for the effects menu by clicking the + button and selecting trending effects and looking for effects with the title show your freestyle

Click use this effect to apply the effect.


this effect has an effect with the type of carton that is viral and widely used, to get the filter, just click on the filter menu on the left, look for the best menu and choose the title, let’s unite, then you can find this effect and use this effect.


This effect is also trending on tiktok, to get this effect it’s quite easy, just log in to your tiktok account, click the effects menu on the left, then choose in the menu section to use this effect.

Cause the effect can’t be used?

Some users may have experienced the tiktok effect that cannot be used or used, this usually does happen.

Well, for those of you who are happy, so that the effect can be used, we have to update our TikTok application to the Play Store. The cause of the effect not appearing and cannot be used. This happens usually because the TikTok application has not been updated.

So to avoid failing to use the effect before using the effect, you can update it for Instagram first.

That’s the discussion on how to get the UV viral tiktok effect now, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.